Back to Business

For the first Back to Business session the women and mothers (and their babies!) met at Malone Lodge for an informal networking session 3/4 months pre return.  

The session focused on Relationship Building, Networking, establishing Peer Support/ Buddies, scoping Areas of Support required, Goal Setting and discussions on current business news.  

We also had the support of Parenting NI facilitators, Angie and Lucy who spoke about how Parenting NI can offer extra support to mothers returning to work, discussing areas such as confidence and work-life balance. Our amazing coaches Barbara and Claire were also present and spoke about how they can help the women in the process of retuning to work and offer them advice and guidance with any key issues they have, in their 1-2-1 session.  

After a successful first meeting, the women have now been matched to their coaches for their 1-2-1 sessions with the next group meeting scheduled for 6th June 1/2  where the women will again be able to network, gain Peer Support/Action Learning and also hear from a speaker. The next coaching session will be organised for the return date for the women and may focus on planning the first 30 days, in areas such as impact, influence, presence, re-orientation and resilience and support strategies.

This programme supports your female employees returning from Maternity Leave. It is a dynamic re-boarding programme that enables women to arrive back to their roles informed, energised and ready to influence and impact.

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