Back Her Business


Helping women turn their ideas into reality

Women in Business is delighted to be partnering with Ulster Bank to help women start their own business through the amazing Back Her Business Programme.

Back Her Business has teamed up with Crowdfunder to help budding female entrepreneurs get started! The goal is to help you raise money for your business through crowdfunding, and also provide free coaching, mentoring and opportunities to meet like minded women. What’s more the programme offers up to 50% of your fundraising target (max. £5,000) in grant funding for certain successful projects. We’re here to help you to turn your idea into a side-hustle and your side-hustle into your main-hustle. It’s time to close the gender gap in business, for good.

Get inspired

The best way to get motivated for your own idea is to see how other women, just like you, are making things happen with Back Her Business! 

Case Studies 

Chikumo Fiseko: Nyina - The next generation of bakers

Julie McFarland: Purple Earth - Taking that small step

7 reasons why you should crowdfund for your business

Head over to the Back to Business site for more information and inspiration, click here. 

UK residents with new UK projects can apply. Eligibility (including type of project), and specific criteria apply. Fees apply, see the help centre for more details.