Baker Tilly Mooney Moore’s Angela Keery Offers Her Advice on Getting Ahead in the Workplace

I always knew that I wanted to be an Accountant but also that university wasn’t for me, so I left lower 6th at 17 and enrolled in an Accounting Technician course. I then did my Chartered Accountancy exam whilst working for a small firm in Lisburn. When they needed someone to set up a Tax department, I stepped forward and into my future as a Tax specialist. 

There have been challenges along the way. At one of my very first job interviews, I was advised that, as a young woman in the industry, I was ‘wasting my time.’ I recognised that this was an organisation with a poor culture and since then, I have been interested in the ways in which a positive workplace culture is created.

Two of our senior partners at Baker Tilly Mooney Moore are female, which has help to mould the inclusive culture of our firm, which, regardless of gender, truly values everyone’s skills and contribution.

As a member firm of Baker Tilly International, we are committed to the network’s core values of integrity, leadership, transparency, and ethics. A great leader has a vision and a desire to help other people and I would advise other women who wish to achieve a leadership position to believe in themselves, to set their own goals and to seize opportunities. It is also important to find an organisation with the right cultural fit, as this will allow your career to flourish.

At Baker Tilly Mooney Moore, we have worked to create a positive culture over the years. We encourage staff to challenge norms from the outset.  This helps us to attract and retain talented people who are committed to supporting each other and our clients.  It also helped us to maintain a high standard of client service when we pivoted to homeworking almost overnight during the pandemic last year. Our team fully embraced and quickly adapted to the ‘new normal.’

I began my journey with Baker Tilly Mooney Moore as a Tax Director in December 2019, a busy period in the Tax Calendar. I found myself juggling looming deadlines with looking after two young children and caring responsibilities, and then the pandemic struck, so I turned to the firm for support. A flexible working arrangement was put in place, allowing me to balance the job with other elements of my life.

The firm’s founding partners always believed that diversity in the workplace was a real benefit and these values have shaped our culture. Our staff footprint is 60% female, and the gender split is equal at director level.

We are committed to equal opportunities and many of our female employees participate in Women in Business groups and sit on the boards of local organisations. I think that our attractive working environment and healthy, supportive culture help us to attract and retain the best female talent.

We are passionate about creating an environment in which everyone can succeed, and we understand the value of mentorship. Our mentoring program allocates all employees a mentor and that relationship endures throughout the mentee’s career at the firm.

I am really enjoying my own journey with Baker Tilly Mooney Moore and look forward to what the future holds for the firm and our people.

Angela specialises in helping family businesses plan for the future and works with a wide variety of corporate tax clients, including family-owned businesses, growing businesses and entrepreneurs. She is currently advising clients on Brexit related issues.  You can contact Angela by email: or Tel: 028 9032 3466.

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