How to Design the Perfect Leaflet

The whole world has gone digital, and marketing included. From SEO strategies to social media pages, much of how we promote a business today is done through a computer, and for good reason. The internet has helped us to be more connected than ever, with customers discovering companies from oceans away, and business owners able to connect with potential buyers despite the distance.

While it is true that the internet is a powerful tool, it’s also important to remember how useful some simple, traditional marketing can be, particularly when used in parallel with digital.

The Direct Marketing Association found that 89% of consumers remember receiving a drop door mailing - more than any other marketing channel - and even has a place in people’s homes. 45% of respondents confessed to keeping leaflets in a kitchen drawer or corkboard.

That means that your company is able to stay visible for longer, and gain authority from being passed around good friends and family members, two things digital marketing can struggle to do with today’s limited attention spans.

It also means that you need to make sure that your leaflet is the best that it can possibly be, with all the essential information and something eye catching, too. If you’re not too well-versed in how to create the perfect leaflet, or are experimenting with your companies marketing tactics, have a look at this new infographic from, which gives you the must-have tips on getting it right.