How to Maximize Your Blog Posts with Julietta Watson of JFW Marketing

Customers will choose your business if they can find you, like you and trust what you are offering. The best way to do that is with content marketing and blogging.
If you can craft a quality blog post that speaks to your customer’s key problems and offers a great solution then you will help convert viewers into buyers and improve your chances of search engines finding your business and ranking it. But with around 500 millions blogs, how can you create a standout blog?
1.       Research your topic area and keywords
What are people searching for? Use sites like Buzzsumo and Answer the Public to find out what’s popular and what keywords are used. Research what other people have written already. Can you make yours better?
2.       Create an impactful headline
How, Why, Top 10, The Ultimate, are all good ‘trigger’ words to start strong headlines. Try using Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer tool which gives you a score to tell you how compelling your headline is.
3.       Create multimedia assets
We all have short attention spans, so peppering your text with multimedia elements can keep viewers on your blog longer.

4.       Create your promotional assets
Once you’ve crafted your blog, you need some assets to broadcast it on social media channels. Try creating 3-4 different types of graphics. Blog title with image, quotes, key stats, infographics, video teasers. Online graphics programmes like Canva help you make professional-quality graphics with minimal design knowledge. Canva also allows you to resize the image into the right dimensions for all social media platforms.
5.       Create a Copy Planner
For each promotional asset you have created for your blog, write a different caption to go with.  Focus on getting engagement from people. So try asking questions at the end, or opinions and solicit interaction. The more engagement you get the better your content performs in the algorithm.
6.       Use a social media scheduler
A social media scheduler can automate all of your posts across your accounts so you don’t have to worry. All this effort will bring more eyes to your blog and make it work harder.
7.       Engage, engage, engage
You need people to engage with your content. If you get more likes, comments and shares, that will tell the algorithm that your content is valuable and needs to be put in front of more people.  Try engaging with followers and prospects before each post goes out and engage again afterwards.

Repurpose your content

Once your content is published, you can repurpose it to create even more content to keep your content planner full for the month. Try infographics, polls, webinars, slide decks, videos. Also consider syndicating your blog post to Medium or post it as an article on your LinkedIn profile. Just wait a couple of weeks before doing so, however, as you want people to go to your website first to read the content. 
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