Jen Crowe of Travel Counsellors finds her Friends in Business!

Over the past few months, our fabulous Women in Business member Jen Crowe has truly seen the benefits of being part of Northern Ireland’s largest and fastest growing business support network for females! Jen runs her own travel franchise with the global company Travel Counsellors and after 28 years in the industry she thought that she had pretty much seen it all until COVID-19 took 2020 by storm! “In spite of the impact on our industry I am relieved to have the continued support of our team at head office, giving me the opportunity to guide my clients through this disruption and plan ahead for travel in the future”, says Jen as she reflects on the current difficulties that the whole travel sector has faced.


Jen also comments on how “Many of the Women in Business members have provided great support to me over the years, particularly in the last few months which has proved vital for my business and sanity! I am so grateful that something as simple as mentioning my name to their own friends and associates has had such a positive influence on my business!” The good old trusted marketing tool – word of mouth!


Below, Jen shares some positive results that she personally had from the kindness of her fellow WIB members who simply shared her details with their connections:


Katie Larmour (Petticoat Lane Bridal Boutique) I arranged Katie’s honeymoon many years ago and at the time she was opening her Bridal Boutique in Hillsborough. Fast forward to now and I have been looking after Katie’s family holidays and she is a dedicated advocate of my business!! 

I look after all holiday types however Honeymoon/Special Occasion holidays are really my passion and this ties in beautifully with Katie’s clients. Katie has always been supportive to me; however, this has been vital for me more so than ever in the last 6 months.

Like most of us, I thrive on being busy and with the majority of travel being at a standstill, I was eager to plan ahead! Katie always shares my details and more so recently she has been sharing my holiday images via her stories on Instagram which have had such a great impact for me. Any clients that connect with me, from Katie, I find already have a trust in what I do and so far, have been very loyal - which is exactly what we all seek.


Samara Prentice (Evolve by Samara) Samara from Evolve and I were introduced via a mutual friend and after meeting for a chat we explored various avenues of how we could work together and after considering an event together this was cut short when COVID struck! However, that did not stop Samara kindly (and continually) sharing my details with her connections when the time was right.

Back in April when travel was suffering greatly, I was extremely lucky to have been contacted by a lady who wanted to get married in Portugal in 2021. It turned out this lady was a friend of Samara’s and she suggested she get in touch with me.

Fast forward a few weeks and many phone calls liaising with my new client and I had the happy couple and all their family and friends booked and excited to be planning this exciting holiday for summer 2021!

Aside from the new business Samara’s referral provided me with, getting the chance to look after this family for such an exciting and important holiday totally lifted my spirits and made me realise that people were eager to plan ahead and for many of us now more than ever they needed a special holiday to look forward to!


Caroline Diamond (Diamond Consulting) I organised Caroline’s wedding for her in Malta, back in 2019 and she has been a great advocate of my business ever since!


Claire Stewart (Cartmill Stewart) is also a great advocate of my business - Claire is always tagging my page and sharing my details with her network and connections and in recent years I have gained many new clients from her referrals.


Jen had her largest booking month in July 2020 since September 2018, which given the current climate, gives her hope and excitement for the future - thanks to a little help from her friends in business throughout the growing WIB network! Check out Jen’s work online via her website, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget that a kind word or a like and a share costs us nothing but can mean so much to others!


Find out more about the Women in Business Network here – We’d love to become your Friend in Business!