Judith Baird on the Yes You Can £20K Pitching Experience

My name is Judith Baird and I run my own recruitment agency, employmint recruiting across Manufacturing, Construction and Engineering - Employmint! We offer a personable service and get great satisfaction in finding our candidates new careers and our clients new talent. Women in Business have been an invaluable resource to me from the very beginning of my self employed journey. I was always encouraged to push past my comfort zone and it’s this push that led me to entering the Yes You Can Pitching competition.

I am definitely not someone who likes to be the centre of attention so putting myself in exactly this position was daunting. I entered the competition and was later invited to pitch to a panel of three. As I began crafting my pitch my goal was to build my confidence, be clear on my vision and tell others about my business. Full of nerves on the day I completed my 2 minute pitch grateful of the opportunity I just had.

A few weeks later I heard from Women in business and I was invited to the female entrepreneur conference on International women’s day. During the early part of this event I found out that I was a regional winner and I would pitch again in front of a room of around 200 women. Overjoyed with my win and the value this would add to my business I prepared myself for my final pitch at a mere 37 weeks pregnant!

The £3000 award has helped my business in many ways including a brand new website which went live in January 2021. I have also invested further in advertising space and new office equipment. Covid has slightly delayed my plan but in the near future I will engage with a marketing agency to push video content marketing. I have gained new ideas and contacts from this very powerful experience and on this occasion I did enjoy the spotlight!

My advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs out there is to believe “Yes You Can”

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