Little Known Ways To Create Stand-Out Video Using Your Phone

Video will continue to be a big social media trend in 2022 and gets much more engagement than static posts. Follow these top 8 tips to create stand-out video directly from your mobile phone by Kerry Hall MCIM, Summit Consulting.

For us humans, video is probably the most easily consumable content format and generally gets much higher engagement than static posts. This is reflected in the fact that YouTube (free video sharing website) is still the top social media platform in the UK in terms of reaching the largest percentage of the population and the most amount of time spent on the site.
This is further reinforced by the staggering increase in TikTok (short-form, video-sharing app) annual users from 133 million in 2018 to 1 billion in 2021. I know, hard to get your head around! Plus, Instagram’s new Reels format and combining IGTV and feed video into one format, clearly shows all platforms are embracing video and you need to get on it too.

So given all this, it's essential to use video in your content on a regular basis, as video will continue to be a big social media trend in 2022.



What content works on video
Not sure where to start with video? Here are some content ideas that work well on video:
  • Storytelling -  great for telling a story about why you are in business and builds trust with your audience
  • Helpful tips or ticks that answers FAQs from your audience
  • How to videos - it’s more interesting to show rather than tell
  • Host a Q&A or interview someone live on Instagram. Facebook, YouTube
  • Behind the scenes or a day in the life
  • Jump on a trending video as long as it is relevant to your business and your audience
8 Tips For Creating Stand-Out Video On Your Phone
Things move so fast on social media that having the video skills to get something out there quickly and easily, are now a must. Follow my top 8 tips to get started.
  1. Download InShot
If you only do one thing after reading this blog, download the Inshot app on your phone, a free and pro video and photo editor. It’s a powerful, easy to use app where you can trim footage, add music, transitions, effects, text, emojis and filters, blur background, resize video for different channels and so much more. You can also edit photos, make collages and add text and stickers to photos.
  1. Equipment
To film, all you need is your mobile phone but I would highly recommend buying a phone tripod to keep your phone still whilst filming. Then you’ll avoid any shaky videos, that your audience will scroll on past.
Particularly if you are filming outside, I would recommend using a lapel mic or a microphone to ensure clear sound recording.
  1. Lighting & Sound
It’s important that the content in your video can be clearly seen and heard so your audience will engage with it. Make sure:
  • The subject is well lit
  • Use natural light where possible
  • Light is in front of you
  • Consider using a ring light
  • Film in daylight if possible
  • Consider using a lapel mic or microphone
  1. Canva – Online Graphic Design Tool
Canva has a very powerful video editor for editing and creating video. From the home page, select the video icon and it will come up with various video formats for you to use. Within Canva you can upload your own video or use a clip from their extensive video library, shorten footage, duplicate, split and add transitions. Canva also has royalty free music for you to use.


Another handy tip is to search for “Animated Social Media Posts” and it will give you a selection of templates with video and movement for you to customise.
5. Make A Video From Your Photos
You can make videos from your photos by stitching them together in apps like InShot or Canva. Upload them to these apps, select a duration for each one and add a transition between each photo. On InShot if you go to Fliter > Effects, you can zoom in or out on each photo to create the illusion of movement.
6. Subtitles
85% of people watch video on mobile with sound off, so it is essential that you are adding captions or subtitles to your video content. You'll notice a real up-lift in engagement.
  • Use the text tool in Instagram or Facebook Stories for adding captions or use the captions sticker (where available) to transcribe spoken word
  • Use the auto-generated captions provided by the social networks when uploading video
  • Add subtitles to video using and Kapwing
7. Special Effects
Try out these special effects for eye catching video
  • Slo-mo and time lapse settings to slow down and speed up footage. Have some fun reversing footage on InShot!
  • Use filters and effects to create the look you want
8. Practice, Practice, Practice
The only way to get good and confident at video is to practice. You just need to publish one video to get started and you’ll improve form there.
If you are a small business and it is you who will be featuring in the videos, you need to give yourself a talking to, get over the sound of your own voice and get out there. People buy from people and video is a great way to connect with your audience, build trust, which ultimately leads to sales. You don’t need to be perfect. Be Yourself. Have fun!
Video Checklist
And finally, here’s a quick checklist to run through before hitting record:
  • Your device is charged
  • Airplane mode is on
  • No noise in recording area
  • Use the back camera where possible (not selfie mode)
  • Record a 20 second test
  • Clean your camera lens
  • Zoom with your feet
  • Make sure to have space on your phone to record
Who is Kerry Hall?
Kerry runs Summit Consulting, a Belfast based digital marketing consultancy. She works with businesses to improve their online presence so they get more sales, reach new audiences, reduce costs or achieve whatever it is they want to do. Outside of work you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, organising the Mourne Mountain Marathon and feeding her family!
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