Professional Organiser has made global connections during current restrictions

Sharon McNulty of Serenity Sparks Joy


For years I told myself there were things I couldn’t do and therefore I never tried to do them. It has taken a global pandemic for me to realise the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is untrue.


I am a professional Organiser and Gold Certified KonMari® Consultant, trained by the Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. At the start of 2020, I worked in homes and businesses helping clients declutter and organise their homes and workspaces.


When the first lockdown in March happened, 1:1 sessions were not allowed and so I thought I would have to “park” my business until life returned to normal. This was until a client from Cork contacted me, requesting help working from home. He moved back home to look after his parents and so the only space he had was a box room, with a pull-out bed. I agreed to support him via zoom, however at that stage didn’t know if I could do so successfully. This client was well aware of my doubts; however, he was struggling to cope day-to-day and so wanted whatever help I could give.


Well, I am so grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone that day, because this has taken my business on a whole different direction, one I never could have imagined. That session was so successful, we continued to declutter and organise all his belongings, not just his office space. This gave him clarity, focus and motivation. He gained much needed mental space and indeed he flourished at work.


As the months went on, I learned the workings of zoom (I’m a technophobe) and am now quite adept at it. I quickly got to grips with canva, powerpoint and virtual backgrounds and now host staff wellbeing workshops for hospital trusts, businesses, organisations and schools.


I never had much faith in my observational skills but this new way of working has certainly fine-tuned this skill. I have an amazing ability to scan the area my client is organising and if they have mislaid something they had at the start of the session, I can tell them where they put it 3 hours earlier.


Fast forward to January 2021 when I heard about a new networking platform, BeeKonnected (BK). This platform began in America and has quickly reached a global audience. The selling point for me was spam free connections- indeed anyone spamming members will be asked to leave. It has allowed me to connect with clients in America, Mexico, Europe  to name but a few. 


This time last year I would never have believed I could do business with client so far away however Bk allows me to choose a location (right down to a particular street if I wish) or an industry. The fact it uses AI to match us up just takes my breath away. 


This is definitely worth looking into for any business owners who wish to extend their client base. There is a free package so you can “try before you buy” however because I have the Pro package, I get the top Zoom package- 500 participants, both for meetings and webinars, free transcription of all my recordings and unlimited cloud storage all for $12.99 per month. 


I am loving their training courses (all included in my package) on a variety of topics- Sales, driving traffic, SEO, social media and many more, however it will take 100’s of hours to get through them.  BeeKonnected is also a wonderful way for associations and charities to raise much needed funds- the Charity signs up for free. 


Why am I telling you all this? 

This past year has shown me that fortune favours the brave and, by taking that first leap of faith with my first virtual client and continuing to trust my intuition, my business has gone from strength to strength (of course there was a lot of hard work involved too).


For anyone looking to extend their client base, I am more than happy to chat about BeeKonnected, it has been invaluable for me. Reach out if you have any questions or wish to find out any further details.


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