Secrets to creating digital content your audience will love!

Follow the top 10 secrets for creating content that your audience will love from Kerry Hall MCIM, Summit Consulting.
No matter what digital channels you are on, whether it’s social media, website or email marketing, you need to have content that resonates with your audience. You are doing this because content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust and trust drives sales. And we’re all in this to grow our businesses!
It’s very important to create quality content that your audience engages with, so you can build relationships with them. This means more subscribers to your email list, more likes, comments and shares on your social media posts and more visits to your website. Doing all this is a great way to remain top of mind with your current and potential customers, so when they are ready to do business with you, they think of you first.
Follow my top 10 secrets to create digital content that your audience will love.
  1. Get Organised
Creating digital content cannot be a sporadic process. It needs to be planned and organised to ensure you get the results you want. Make time each month to plan and create your content. Use whatever works for you: a paper diary, an excel spreadsheet or a Trello board. This will help you get consistent so your audience will know what to expect from you and come back for more!
  1. Research Your Audience
It has never been an easier time to research your audience. If you have an idea for content but not sure how it may land, ask your Instagram followers by using the poll sticker on Instagram stories. Get granular on your target audience and read the comments in the social media posts of your competitors. This is a fantastic way to get an insight into their personality, needs and desires.
  1. Use Emotion
Tap into people’s emotions, insecurities and aspirations, just make sure it is in the right context. Try using emotions that are felt by your target audience, such as humour and empathy. A good way to do this is to use storytelling to humanise your content.
More and more, emotions are controlling the success of social media campaigns, as can be seen in the rise of TikTok videos and Instagram Reels.
  1. Content Categories
Make sure your content has an even mix of these 4 content categories:
  • Educational: To build authority and trust, provide value and solve problems
  • Inspirational: To engage and build on the know, like and trust factor
  • Entertaining: To show your brand is relatable
  • Promotional: Provide value and address a need
  1. Sources For Sparkling Creativity!
Don’t know what to post? Here’s some places to go to help you brainstorm:
  1. Awareness Days
Awareness days are good to use to give variety to your content and get more reach using relevant hashtags. Don’t go crazy with them, though. Choose a couple that you can link back to your business and that are relevant. Scan through awareness days for October 2021.
  1. Content Types
Have a healthy mix of different formats and avoid focusing all your marketing activity on one channel
  • Website – make sure your website is up to date with your latest news and products
  • Write a regular blog – a great way to improve your SEO and have content for your socials
  • Mailing list – set up an email mailing list and start a regular email / newsletter for your subscribers
  • Social - mix and match your content: images, videos, stories and Reels. Your videos and photos don’t have to be perfect but don’t post low quality images or videos!
  1. Write Killer Copy
  • The Hook: Grab your audience's attention at the start and STOP THE SCROLL
  • The Body: Get straight to the point, keep them interested with clear concise points
  • Call  To Action: Sign off with a clear call to action, telling your audience what you want them to do
  1. Tools To Use
  1. Make Your Content Visually Stunning
There’s a lot of digital competition out there, so find creative ways to fit in. Here’s some handy tools to help you cut through the noise and create stunning content your audience will instantly engage with:
Who is Kerry Hall?
Kerry runs Summit Consulting, a Belfast based digital marketing consultancy. She works with businesses to improve their online presence so they get more sales, reach new audiences, reduce costs or achieve whatever it is they want to do. Outside of work you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, organising the Mourne Mountain Marathon and feeding her family!
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