Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? 
Perhaps you feel frustrated & stressed at times because you have a lot of clothes, some of them with labels still on but you just don’t want to wear them. You may be unsure about the fit, the colour or the style, if the item is really you & if it feels “right”.  We then grab the usual, safe options. 
Fact: we wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time
I’m Diane
A proud mum to Jack, Tomi & Simba (our labrador), I’m a solo parent because sadly, I lost my hubby 9 yrs ago to illness.  When my boys became teenagers, it was clear to me that it was now my time to follow my heart & do something that makes me Shine!  I took the leap of faith, left the safe, familiar office environment that I’d worked around the world in, to pursue my dream & I’ve never looked back.
I love Gok Wan, Trinny & Susannah & the phenomenal change they make to women’s lives, by giving them confidence to dress & appreciate their bodies.  So, I trained as a Personal Stylist with a London based company & developed my own unique styling business called Diane’s Dresser which is based at my Studio, in Donaghadee. 
It’s been a rollercoaster ride but I truly am thrilled to have arrived at my new destination which is
The Wardrobe Works!  
Dress for Success
Your clothes should be a reflection of you & the woman you are going forward in life, not looking back & dressing from yesteryear.  Clothes speak a silent language & convey a powerful message to other people.  When we consider that 55% of communication is non-verbal – it’s crucial that you dress in a way that communicates the right message.  Your Image, how you look & appear to the world, is your Personal Brand & you will be judged in seconds by it, especially on that important first sighting.  It is vital that your Personal Brand says what you want it to say & not the opposite.
Transforming Wardrobes
I offer women a personal service which transforms their wardrobes & gives them confidence, styling advice & the help they need, to dress effortlessly on a daily basis – no more wardrobe dilemma or stressing over what to wear & no more worry about dressing to impress.  Imagine your organised wardrobe, with your best outfits, all fitting & flattering you, accessories & footwear to boot!
I focus on my client’s personality, lifestyle, natural colouring & body shape (shape not size). 
By decluttering a wardrobe, I not only clear the space to display your clothes but I remove the chaos, confusion & stress which makes you feel lighter & happier.  Clothes that are seasonal, precious or too small for you right now, are stored away.  We discuss your concerns & the emotional attachment to certain items.  Clutter can be donated to your favourite charity & some items sold.
 “We don’t need a lot of clothes, we need the RIGHT clothes!” Diane’s Dresser
Using my styling expertise, I advise women on the clothes they already have in their wardrobes. They can try on clothes, get an honest opinion & we pull together outfits.  I’ll offer fresh ideas, whilst we discuss what suits the client best, how to mix n match, easy ways to go from day to night wear, how to incorporate the latest fashion into their unique style.
We identify clothing gaps & talk about trends, spends & versatile clothing.
This experience is quite liberating & you have more outfit options when your organised, not less!
My Services
THE WARDROBE WORKS | Colour Analysis | Style Session | Personal Shopping
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