Women need to stop telling themselves they can't handle the tech side of business

Ellie McBride, Founder of Calibrate Concepts tells us how to use the right tech tools to streamline your business…oh and more importantly reminds us to just breathe on our mission to become more tech savy!
“I’m not ‘techy’.” I hear this all the time from the women I work with.⁠
The thing is that it’s almost never true. Once my clients have been walked through the basic steps of using a new software, website platform, or email marketing tool they realise that it’s easier than they ever thought it would be! You are more than capable of handling the tech in your life and business. 
I mean it. ⁠
Look at all the crazy cool stuff you've already learned while creating your business or building your career! 
You've found clients, built relationships, learned to promote yourself, became an expert in your field, and so much more. ⁠
So while technology can sometimes feel overwhelming, when used right, it can save you some serious time and energy in your business. 
So how do you take the overwhelm out of using the right tech tools to streamline your business? Here are my best tips: ⁠⠀
1. Start with tools for the most important areas of business like:
  • a simple accounting/invoicing software (because there’s no business if you aren’t getting paid)⁠ - I recommend Freshbooks
  • a time tracking tool (like toggl)
  • an appointment scheduling system - like Calendly or Acuity
  • a project management tool for tracking tasks and project progress - like Asana
2. Document your processes to make it easier to find out where you need to save time and to help you outsource when you need to.
One of the simplest ways you can do this is by using a free screen capture software (like Loom). This will allow you to walk through the exact steps of what you do to onboard a client or set up a promotion for example. Which means that you’ll never miss a step or wonder what comes next and it will be easy to hand over to someone else when the time is right.
3. Focus on tools that will improve your client/customer experience 
Everybody prefers to work with brands that make the process appear seamless! Making things easier for your client will make your product or services more valuable than ever before. People are more likely to recommend you when they’ve truly enjoyed the experience, it’s not enough for the deliverable you’ve provided to be of exceptional quality. 
Think about your client onboarding process. 
How do they find you? How do they sign up to work with or buy from you? How do they pay you? How do they sign your contract? How do they know that you’ve received their order or request?
Then think about how they communicate and work with you throughout their contracted experience. 
What communication tools will you use? What hours are you available? How do they book time with you if necessary? Make it clear!
Finally think about the off-boarding process. 
How do they pay their final balance? How do you deliver the final product/service? Should you provide training? How do you get a testimonial or review?

The slicker these processes are the more likely it is that your client will feel at ease working with you.
4.  Finally, breathe. These things take time. You don’t have to have all these tools or systems in place today!
Focus on improving one at a time - each little step will bring you more time and sanity. Write down the areas you’d like to change and improve and set yourself reminders over the next few months to get them sorted!
Want some advice on the best tech tools? Which ones work well together? How to make things work best for the way you do business? 
⁠I’ve recently started a free community of women who will meet twice a month to talk through the tricky tech side of business so we can all grow our businesses with more ease called Tech Tuesdays!
A community of women figuring tech and business automation out together. We’re 22 women strong and counting!