Your Best Life Designed (by you)

Imagine for a moment that General Electric, McDonalds or Samsung are not run on the basis of careful strategy, plans and actions but on the basis of emotional, half- hearted new year’s resolutions made roundabout December 31st each year instead. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? And what would your reaction be as a shareholder of one of those brands if you knew?
Hold that thought...
With New Year’s Eve behind us, have you started 2019 on the basis of a ‘let’s-see-what-this-year-brings’ approach or have you set out defined targets? Have you made wistful ‘resolutions’ or have you a crystal-clear plan for this year?
Where is the strategic vision for your life as a whole? Don’t have one? Why would you expect General Electric or McDonald’s to have a strategic plan, but fail to make one for the greatest shareholdings you will ever have: your health, your happiness and your limited time in this world?
I’ve heard it said that the 96% of people who don’t have plans unintentionally spend their lives helping to make the plans of the remaining 4% possible. That figure is probably closer to 98% or 99% and that’s a slightly uncomfortable thought. Pause for a moment and ask yourself this: who will ever take the strategic direction of your life seriously if you don’t.
As I frequently help my coaching clients realise: we are either on the bridge of our own ship, or stuck in the engine room of someone else’s. And if you are indeed down in the ‘engine room’ fulfilling someone else’s goals, who knows where you’ll end up without a vision 12 months from now? Maybe back in the same place next December 31st making the same wistful resolutions.
But if you have decided that it’s time to take command of your own ship and chart your own destiny, here are some things to reflect on in advance of taking part in the programme.
  • Recognise the controllables - what do you actually control? Ignore the popular ‘wisdom’ that ‘nothing is impossible’. Some things are definitely impossible. Can you control the economy or the weather? No. Yet some things are easier to accomplish than you might think. Let’s say, that you start with what you can immediately control. Can you control whom you keep as friends? Can you control which books you read, which programmes you watch, what you eat, do and choose to believe? A large part of taking control is recognising what you actually do control. So, take control of those things and let go completely of what you can’t.
  • Score yourself - As a coach, I continue to encounter people who have never sat down and decided what they want: (what they really, really want as Scary Spice says). Equally, those same people have never taken time out of their day, month or year to score themselves and reflect on how they are doing across a range of key areas in their lives. It’s hard to know what to change when you can’t honestly say what needs to be changed. It’s even harder to know in which direction to go when you don’t really know where you want to end up. It starts with who you are and where you are right now. Review your personal KPI’s (key performance indicators) and take action on those.
  • Find your why - The achievement of any goal is determined by the strength of the ‘why’ behind it. Too many of us become side-tracked by the ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ when designing our goals. Can I do this? How much will it cost? What we should be really asking ourselves is: why do I want it? Those with a strong enough ‘why’ are the people who overcome all manner of hurdles. Your ‘why’ is actually your personal rocket-fuel. It’s what gets you out of the bed in the morning. It’s what keeps you going when others have already given up. No one can give your ‘why’ to you. Only you will recognise it when you feel it. If you accomplish anything this year, find and harness your biggest ‘why’.
It stands to reason that nothing will change until you really decide to make changes. So, you and I need to talk strategy. Life Strategy. How would your life be different if you could achieve your most important life and business goals in the next 24-36 months?
As an accredited coach, I believe that the answers already lie within you. You will recognise them when you find them and finding them is what our day together is designed to accomplish.
Remember that a coach does not ‘give’ anyone their goals nor does she or he seek to influence the selection of those goals. Rather, a coach acts as a discreet ‘sounding-board’ to help you to decide what you want (for your own reasons), then helps you to create a plan of measured action towards the achievement of those goals, all the while ensuring that you are kept accountable for their completion.
Come along and meet others just like you, in the same position, with the same questions and the same longing for clarity.  Your Best Life Designed is a chance to take a day to open your mind and heart to all your possibilities.
If it’s to be me, it’s up to me. Say that 10,000 times.