Brilliant Communication across all channels

Become an exceptional communicator across every platform, whether it's in the boardroom or the Zoom breakout room! This bespoke programme will enable you to build knowledge and confidence when it comes to communications skills; helping you to tackle difficult conversations, become an influential voice and explore rebel ideas in order to create impact in a virtual world.
With the support of our expert facilitator, Andrew Toogood, Founder of Proclaim Consulting, this programme aims to develop exceptional communication skills and improve the performance of leaders, executives, business owners & managers through a combination of theory learning and practical application.


What to expect from this programme:
  • 4 x 2-hour online modules
  • The opportunity to connect with likeminded women in a safe and interactive setting
  • Key take away information and learning actions to implement after each session
  • The chance discover and develop your communication traits and skills to help you grab the career opportunities that will come your way
Module 1 | Communicating with Impact in a Virtual World
This interactive module will help you through innovative thinking and psychological strategies to identify and overcome key challenges in a virtual environment:
  • How communication is changing virtually
  • Understanding the psychology of impactful communication
  • Practical strategies for better communication
  • How to provide clear feedback and effective support in a virtual environment
Module 2 | Make better thinking your competitive advantage
Examine the power of diverse thinking to help tackle work life problems in new ways and increase overall team productivity for better business results:
  • Learn how to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage
  • Discover how individuals own thinking guides the success of their team
  • Consider how teams think and work with the potential to make or break their organisations
  • Understand the primary derailers of communication, innovation, and productivity
Module 3| Assertiveness - how can we adopt assertive behaviours?
By learning how to be assertive, you will be able to have an honest conversation with others while preventing adverse effects on working relationships; by building confidence and removing any concerns over how we might say something:
  • What is assertive behaviour and why does it matter?
  • Defining assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviours
  • Obstacles to acting more assertively
  • Improving your self-esteem
  • Handling conflict
Module 4 | Crucial Conversations - How can we talk about what really matters?
Discover how to step up and master crucial conversations effectively:
  • Develop a collaborative approach in conflict resolution
  • Initiate and conduct skilled conversations leading to behavioural change
  • Understand and manage reactive emotions during on-job encounters
  • Identify and alter unproductive conversational habits
  • Use calming communication skills to bring upset people to the point of reason
  • Conduct difficult problem-solving discussions

October 2022:

Virtual session - Wednesday 5th October Module 1 - 10am - 12pm
Virtual session - Wednesday 12th October Module 2 - 10am - 12pm
Virtual session - Wednesday 19th October Module 3 - 10am - 12pm
Virtual session - Wednesday 2nd November Module 4 - 10am - 12pm



WIB Member Cost: £250 + VAT 

Non Member Cost: £350 + VAT

**It is recommended to attend the whole programme however individual modules may be booked by WIB members for £80 + VAT (contact for info)**

"This programme was one of the best I have been on. The presenters style was so conducive to remembering the key learnings, unlike other training sessions where you sometimes forget everything after you leave the room. This training has and will genuinely help me in my communications and presentation skills". Nicola McGuinness, InterTradeIreland
"I couldn't recommend this programme more highly. Andrew delivers it in a friendly, engaging and accessible manner. It has completely transformed the way I think about presentations and communication more generally". Anna Cartwright. Macaulay Wray LLP
The Brilliant Communication Training course provided a refreshing outlook on influencing and creating impact through communication and presentations.  Andrew was very engaging and professional and brought a unique approach to any previous courses which I have attended. I really enjoyed the course and have learnt new techniques to apply to future presentations. Location was excellent at Pinsent Masons Offices. Thanks to Women in Business was organising such an inspirational training course.​ Nicola Quinn, South West College 
"Life changing. That is the only way I can describe the impact the course had on me. This incredible course not only challenges the status quo of presentation and communication, it also challenges you on a personal level to delve inside and discover traits, skills and abilities you never thought existed within you. Inspiring, exciting and enjoyable; this course has been invaluable in building my confidence levels and has empowered me to grasp opportunities I previously would have shied away from.  I am no longer afraid to present and I can now influence audiences". Rebecca Watson, Member of WIB


Programme Terms and Conditions

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*Limited spaces are available as we create an exclusive and comfortable group setting for all programme participants*