Be Bold – Strategic Leadership

The first essential step to being a powerful, influential, authentic and resilient leader
“The challenge facing women is to have vision be one of the things we are known for. No vision, no leadership.”
Women and the Vision Thing, Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru, 2009, Harvard Business Review.
The ability to develop a strategic perspective has been identified in several studies as the one competence where men outscore women significantly when assessing outstanding leadership. In this inspiring, practical and thought-provoking master class Anne Dargan from Rapid Change Consultancy shares the inside track to being strategic so that you:
Go from: being bogged down in the minutia, stuck in the weeds and living day to day
To:  playing a bigger game and making more of a difference
Go from: feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up hill, that your team just don’t get it
To: being firmly in the driving seat, giving clarity of direction and having everyone bought in and pulling in the same direction
Go from: being pissed off that you’re working your butt off and no-one seems to notice
To: being recognised as adding value and having a seat at the table where you can influence big decisions
Go from: getting distracted and not moving things along, dwindling energy and overwhelm from doing it all
To: having clarity of direction, being full of energy, ideas and motivation to carry things through
This event is ideal for experienced and aspiring leaders alike.
About the speaker
Anne Dargan is an internationally recognized, award winning executive coach and has been specializing in leadership development for women for the last decade. A self-confessed “Superwoman” she spent many years balancing a demanding job as a business transformation leader in BT, a global telecommunications organisation (120,000 employees), along with being a mother of three.  Nearing burn out and experiencing toxic behaviours, she left the corporate world and figured there had to be a better way.
Having experienced the difficulties facing women in a male dominated industry Anne is dedicated to working with ambitious and successful professional and executive women. She helps them overcome the unseen pitfalls common among hardworking woman leaders so that they fulfil their potential, are more energized, at their personal best, love their work and life and have a positive impact on those around them.
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March 26 2019
Be Bold – Strategic Leadership

09.30 - 12.30


Members: £45 +vat
Non members: £65 +vat


Crowne Plaza, Belfast

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