Top Strategies for Being a Bold and Successful Leader

Top strategies for being a bold and successful leader

without being pushy, stressed or adding to your to-do list

Anne Dargan of Rapid Change Consultancy leads this session for ambitious, successful and hard working  professional women.  Cut those invisible chains that are holding you back and avoid pitfalls common amongst hard working women so that you:

  • Go from feeling like something is missing, that you have more to give

to daring to dream and find the inspiration to take bold action to fulfill the potential you know you have

  • Go from the endless to do lists and being spread too thin at work and at home

to achieving even more success not forgetting all the important areas in your life, with more ease and less effort

  • Go from being irritable, stressed and guilty
  • feeling free, energetic, at your personal best, loving your work and life and having a positive impact on those around you


About the speaker

Anne Dargan is an internationally recognized, award winning executive coach.

Anne has been specializing in leadership development for women for 7 years now and has helped hundreds of women thrive in their work AND their life!

A self confessed “Superwoman” she spent many years balancing a demanding job as a business transformation leader in a global organisation along with being a mother of three.  Nearing burn out and experiencing toxic behaviours, she left the corporate world and figured there had to be a better way.

Dedicated now to helping dynamic and caring leaders make a difference, Anne’s vision is for organisations, indeed the world, to be more human and caring, and she believes (.. and so does the Dali Lama) that women have a massive part to play. But not at any cost!  

March 22 2018
Top Strategies for Being a Bold and Successful Leader



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Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast

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