Reflect and Reboot - Resilience Workshop October 2022

Never before have we been faced with such challenges that drain energy, push emotional hotspots and distract attention. We’re faced with constant pressures at home and at work that hijack well-being and drain morale.  They’re often the reason that you turn down a promotion or ignore the opportunity to change role.  The Powerful Resilience skills programme provides you with the tools needed to build resilience in order to better manage challenges and maintain good personal wellbeing in the face of adversity.

During our WIB Reboot and Reflect - Resilience Workshop programme, you will explore your personal triggers and be provided with a suite of tools and techniques to fight your default responses including and be given practical take-aways and learning actions to implement after each session. 

During the session we will cover the following; 

Looking through a different lens - introduction to resilience. 

Building Resilience and getting used to feeling uncomfortable 

The Double Shift… 
Rust Out v Burn Out 


Wednesday 19th October 2022

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Programme Terms and Conditions

October 19 2022
Reflect and Reboot - Resilience Workshop October 2022

9.30am - 3pm


Members: £250 +vat
Non members: £350 +vat


In person

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