Decluttering at home

Join Women in Business and Sharon McNulty to hear about the joy of "decluttering." 

Clutter affects our stress levels and clients feel calmer and more in control after they declutter with Sharon's KonMari workshop.

The KonMari Method™ is different, the client will ONLY EVER HAVE TO TIDY ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME! Yes, that’s right, if they complete their tidying journey, THEY WILL ONLY HAVE TO TIDY ONCE! 

We tidy by category and not location. We keep only those items that spark joy and discard the rest. KonMari™ places the emphasis on keeping your items that you love and which spark joy. KonMari™ reframes your relationship with your belongings which mean you value your things and appreciate what you already have.

As a KonMari™ Consultant I help clients achieve a home that is tidy, where they know where everything is and that is filled only with items that spark joy, in other words Serenity.SSJ-Sharon-(1).png

June 18 2020
Decluttering at home

10.00 - 11.00


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Non members: £5 +vat



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