Achieving 'Executive Presence'

Achieving 'Executive Presence' with Keith Lippert
To be an effective leader, you must have a strong ‘executive presence’. But what does that mean? You’ve probably heard the term in development conversations or in blog posts about how to advance your career. You may be wondering what skills make up this illusive concept. Join the conversation to help demystify the term and get to the heart of what is it is you should be doing to advance your career. 

In this presentation, Keith Lippert, Allstate Vice President reveals the critical components of executive presence. Whether it’s having command of an audience, projecting an aura of confidence, or displaying an authoritative style that creates immediate trust, this presentation will set you up for success. You will acquire concrete strategies and tools that will aid you in building an authentic presence, and help you develop the presence of others on your team.


February 09 2021
Achieving 'Executive Presence'

10.00 - 11.00


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