Calm Your Mind Yoga

We live in a busy modern world and the chances are, in order to keep everything 'ticking over', most of us exert a significant amount of energy into work, projects and other people.
This event is an opportunity for you to take a step back and check in with yourself. Often most people will put their own health and at the very bottom of a busy 'to - do' list. We hope to address this by providing a gentle yoga class for all abilities.
Practicing yoga increases endorphins in your body that are our naturally pain and stress fighters, they make you feel good while simultaneously helping to fight off depression and anxiety. How you physically feel in your body will have a significant impact on how you function mentally, so in addition we would like to provide a space where you can unwind and step away from your desk, as yoga has been scientifically proven to enhance work productivity and performance.
Investing in healthier and happier staff is a no brainer. Happier staff will not only lead to a more efficient and resilient team, it will also boost morale, decision making and can even inspire innovation and problem solving.
So why not bring some of your colleagues to join in on this relaxing event!
Please let us know if you have your own Yoga Mat for this event.
Alexa Sleator , Founder of Axis Yoga.
The idea of teaching yoga in work came to me when working long hours as a breakdown artist in the television industry in Belfast. No doubt I loved my job but frequent early starts and high creative expectations were leading me to burn out. The nature of the job itself meant I found it difficult to establish an exercise routine outside of work hours, so my only option was to create an exercise regime amongst the time I spent in work. With that in mind, I began to experiment with exercise on my lunch break allocating twenty minutes and mixing it up between a gentle run, yoga or meditation. The greatest insight I gained during this time was that it didn't take a huge investment my side to have a profound and significant effect on my overall physical and mental health. This routine led me to further think about our experience of the workplace. If we spend the majority of our time in work, then why not use a small percentage of this time opportunistically with exercise and so the concept of Axis was born.
November 13 2019
Calm Your Mind Yoga

15.30 - 17.00


Members: £15 +vat
Non members: £45 +vat


Ormeau Baths, Belfast

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