Let's Talk: Finding Your Voice

The Let’s Talk series focuses on key topics in the workplace. Hear from those who have experienced it, learned from it, and continued to break the glass ceilings for all women following behind.

We kick off 2022 with an empowering online discussion for EVERYONE to take on board - Finding our voice to call it out!

Call out what? If you see or hear something in the workplace that needs addressing, whether it relates to diversity, inclusion, sexism or attitudes, we all need to know how to take the steps to help call it out... ALSO how can managers create a working environment to avoid these issues and provide a safe & approachable space for employees? 

So, Let's Talk about it. Whether you are on the Human Resources or Diversity & Inclusion team (or maybe you have been impacted by calling it out in the past!)  Join us with the experts to share in eachothers experiences and help us all to find our voice! 



January 28 2022
Let's Talk: Finding Your Voice

11:00 - 12:00


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Online - Zoom

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