Being a Woman in Business- Next Steps Resilience Webinar

Being a Woman in Business- Next Steps Resilience Webinar 

We are delighted to introduce eight 2-hour webinars to support female entrepreneurs with the ‘Next Steps’ in business. Time, money, and resources contribute to the success of businesses, so we are bringing bespoke, focused webinars covering these key areas and more!

Join us for the 7th of our series of  FREE Yes You Can business webinars with Fiona Bradley of FB Training and Consulting Ltd, as she provides you with essential tips and techniques to grow in confidence and build resilience both professionally and personally.


For female small business owners, there is a constant need to find equilibrium between a demanding career and a healthy personal life. Assuming you can put the two on an even scale, though, is deceiving. Whether you’re a solopreneur or employ 25 workers, the pull of business demands is ever-present. To be successful in both arenas doesn’t mean you have equal hours at home and in the business, it means you have found a rhythm that fulfills both sides, and a confidence to communicate this across your professional and personal relationships.

Join Fiona as she provides you with essential tips and techniques that help you create more harmony, build your confidence and increase resilience as you grow your business through the following areas:  

  • Understanding entrepreneurial competencies
  • Building confidence, presence and understanding vulnerability
  • Manging both your personal life and running your own business
  • Handling set backs


20th October 10am until 12pm 


 Spaces are limited so book your FREE place today by clicking here! 



Fiona is the founder of Fiona Bradley Training and Consultancy Ltd and has developed organisational talent for the past 15 years.

Fiona is a versatile practitioner who works across sectors and industries and she has supported with the strategy, structure, management and operation of organisations regionally, nationally and globally. Fiona prides herself on delivering benefits clients can measure and a service that’s second to none,

Fiona’s specific area of expertise is in the development of individuals and teams where she delivers and facilitates focussed behavioural change programmes. Her key skill is in supporting clients to optimise performance by enabling and encouraging the transition of enhanced skills from the training room back to the workplace to affect results.



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October 20 2021
Being a Woman in Business- Next Steps Resilience Webinar

10am until 12pm


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