Lisa McFarland, The Relationship Coach NI Celebrates 2 Years with Launch of E-Book

Lisa McFarland, Northern Ireland’s leading Relationship Coach, is celebrating two years in business with the launch of her first E-Book, entitled: “Tips & Tools on How to Have a Healthy Relationship.”

The short downloadable book addresses the most common issues and questions that Lisa faces, daily with her clients and through her growing social media platforms (Relationship.Coaching.NI) From how to learn what your Love Language is, to dealing with toxic cycle in relationships, co-dependency and sex and intimacy, amongst many other things.

Lisa who is on a one-woman mission to educate the world on how to improve their relationships from the inside out says it is her job, her passion,  purpose, and calling to make it normal to ask for help, educate ourselves and get past the shame and guilt, asking for help, talking about all the things.   

Speaking at the launch event held at SHU recently, Lisa says: “Romantic, platonic, work or family related, we are all surrounded with relationships, but has anyone ever actually taught us how to have them?

“It’s our job to educate ourselves on how to have healthy relationships.  

“But how many of us really ask for help and educate ourselves on our relationships?

“And if and when we finally do ask for help it is often too late…

“I want to help share my knowledge with the world and believe as we emerge from a post-pandemic world, we almost all need to relearn how to manage all of our relationships,

“There are things we can all do, if only we knew how.

“In this short book, I outline easy, bite-size ways we can all improve our interpersonal relationships.

“From understanding what gaslighting and stone-walling is and how to stop it happening,  to tips, guidance and tools in how to become a better communicator.

“Understanding your conflict and attachment styles can go a long way in improving our role within relationships.

“Additionally, we look things like co-dependency, which means how much of a person’s happiness is totally wrapped up in how another person feels.

“I encourage readers to know our own greatness and worth and ways to help bring that inner confidence and strength outwards as a great foundation to build a relationship and mutually support each other from a place of wholeness. 

“We all need to take time and invest in our relationships if we want them to be productive and positive.

“There are many strategies to help you understand who you really are and why you act in specific ways. There are also tried and tested skills to help you make the most of your relationships.

Lisa concluded: “The book is filled with tips and tools and ways in which we can all learn and introduce each day to help us live better, more fulfilling relationships.”

The E-Book - Tips & Tools on How to Have a Healthy Relationship By Lisa McFarland, Founder of Relationship Coaching NI is priced at £8.99 and available for purchase, here: