Nature Immersive : Women's Self Defence Workshop

WIB Member, Roisin Erskine is hosting a Nature Immersive - Women's Self Defence Workshop (3 x 2hr sessions) on Sat, 25 June | 10:00am – 18:00pm. Check out the event details below:


Ever get the feeling there's someone looking at you? And then you turn round and immediately lock onto their stare!

Well, that's your innate intuition and it's actually a skill you can hone for your own personal safety, but also more broadly as a wellbeing practice.

On this one-day immersive you'll spend time in nature, feeling your way through our private outdoor venue, learning to spot where and when tension arises in your body. You'll have time and space to observer what that tension is telling you because very often we tend to shut these insights down so that we can hurry on to the next task on our 'to-do' list!

Workshop 1 : Applied Breathwork

Learning the art of effective breathing and recovery is half the battle.

Your breath; when you know how to monitor, manipulate and restore it; is your most effective weapon. When finely tuned, it is by far more accurate than any fitbit or smart watch.

We will use this lesson to connect to the breath, explore a variety of techniques and discover how to apply them to every day situations both for practice and for drawing upon when circumstances and challenges require a robust and grounded approach.

It will take a full day to introduce you to the basics of these skills but they take a lifetime to master.

Workshop 2 : Relaxed/ Invisible Movement

The second workshop of the day - the art of invisible movement - is founded in fearless motion. When stuck in your head, negative thoughts and psychology makes your movement jerky, tense and highly visible! Think about it... how many times have you turned around just in time to see someone crash to the ground? Or caught something from the corner of your eye just in time to get out of the way (or not!).

How many times have you put an arm out to break your fall, only to become rigid, brittle and injure yourself further?

Learning to move softly takes a lot more practice than you might imagine, but this skill can not only save your life from a dangerous encounter, it can also help you age well, keeping your limbs, joints and bones full of vitatily. The good news is, it's never too late to begin this training. Some elders who found Systema late into adulthood describe it as "turning back the clock".

So whether you plan to travel solo this summer, hope to get in and out of armchairs more effortlessly or just want to know more about moving through life with less friction and fear, this portion of the training will do just that.

Workshop 3 : Every day self defense

In this session we'll bring everything together for our last workshop of the day to see how these skills impact and improve our capacity to defend ourselves. We'll use a range of technices and some light to moderate contact to explore how we can meet and redirect an incoming attack. Training this alongside a variety of partners is the quickest way to explore it from all angles so please do bring a friend if you know someone who'd like to join in!

If anything feels too much you are encouraged to step aside, draw on your breathing techniques from the first session and if necessary, take a short walk in your own time to fully restore.

We learn the most when we share our experiences with each other and there will be an opportunity to debrief after this session. Questions and feeedback is encouraged throughout so please do speak up if there is anything you are unsure of.

The Venue:

Training is set in beautiful rural Co. Down where I've had the pleasure of living my whole life. You will be treated to very simple surroundings and facilities are modest - including a compost loo onsite.

There will be parking and of course, if you can share vehicles, all the better!

As the sessions will be outdoors, you are encouraged to pack and dress for the elements. You should also ensure to bring food. There will be time for lunch and an afternoon snack plus a closing circle when we wrap up for the day. A flask of your favourite hot drink and a blanket to throw over your shoulders is a good idea too!

If you are travelling some distance to attend then please get in touch for accommodation recommendations. Unfortunately there will be no public transport to the site other than a local taxi company.

Once you have booked your place on the immersive you should receive an email with a link to an online form. You will be required to complete this before your place can be confirmed. Please check your spam folders and if you cannot find this email contact me directly via

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