Newry clinic aims to stop people feeling alone with intimate issues

How do you go from property guru to intimate health expert in a few short steps? Newry woman, Olivia McVeigh, is well known on the Northern Ireland property scene but has recently diversified her business interests.
“I have always been very outgoing, and I wasn’t afraid to speak about anything and was surprised at how many of my friends, colleagues, gym buddies, men and women were suffering with incontinence.

“From planning what clothes they would wear in case of a leak, to really researching their route for the weekly shopping to include bathroom breaks, so many were silently living with stress and urge incontinence issues,” said Olivia.
In 2019, Olivia travelled to Cambodia to take part in a trek to raise funds for the Southern Area Hospice.
“I talked to people from all over the world on our trek, men and women and the topics ranged from children to lifestyle, sports to politics. One night a woman had an ‘accident’ when we were out walking. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to leave and go home. I was amazed at how many people opened up and started sharing their experience of incontinence. Men and women, of various ages, their daily routines revolving around managing these issues, disturbed sleep, reduced intimate satisfaction and the need to be constantly close to a toilet.”
On her return to Northern Ireland, Olivia started to research what was available for people who lived with incontinence.
“There were a lot of invasive procedures, painful and time consuming with a lot of recovery time, or the alternative was bulky pads that ruined people’s confidence and were bad for the environment.”
Then in early 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic was really starting to worry people, Olivia came across a new technology that was non-invasive, was a walk-in walk out procedure with no down time and reduced incontinence, of all kinds, in 95 percent of cases.
“It was an electro-magnetic chair that gave the internal pelvic muscles a really deep work out, in fact it was the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel exercises per 28-minute session and had no adverse environmental side effects or waste.”
“Our treatment is not just medically approved by the FDA for the treatment of incontinence but also for vaginal laxity when the muscles may have become slack after childbirth, menopause or for many other reasons. We are also delighted that the treatment has now been approved by the FDA in Canada for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other prostate problems in men.”
The clinic is family run and is tucked away with a private entrance for a confidential and discreet experience.
“With millions of people worldwide needing help with incontinence and intimate issues, it is hard to believe it is still so rarely talked about. We at Enola Private Clinic are hoping to change that and offer free phone consultations to answer any questions before someone would start a course of treatment, no-one needs to suffer incontinence alone.”

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