Aine Morgan Coaching- Personal Coaching

I am a back to work coach for Mums in professional roles returning after maternity leave. I work with women from all over who want their return to work to have impact and meaning. They love their jobs and they tell me ‘I want to go back as the person I was before I had kids’. I always say ‘Why go back as her when you could back as so MUCH MORE’? They tell me they want to bounce back, career wise. I tell them they’re going to bounce forward. They do.


I worked in the Big 4 (KPMG and PwC) for almost 20 years. I loved work but when I went back after having my second son, I felt like I had lost my spark, I felt like I had fewer opportunities because I wasn’t willing to work around the clock any more. I wanted to be around for my kids but I hated the feeling of having compromised the trajectory of my career. I felt doors had closed to me.


In 2016, I discovered life coaching. What I learned from my first session changed absolutely everything for me. For the next year, I worked with my coach and spent many evenings when my kids were in bed studying neuroscience. Here is what I discovered: Believing that there were doors I had closed for myself, was what closed doors for me, because, when I thought that, I showed up as playing small. I closed doors


Having worked through my beliefs, I began showing up with energy, confidence and excitement. I got promoted. We don’t get to feel successful because of a promotion, we get promoted because we show up as successful people and hold ourselves to that standard. We have this backwards. Success as a feeling is always available. How we think and what we believe about ourselves are EVERYTHING. It shapes how we show up in the world and how we are seen.


I’m now a certified life coach for Mums and it's my passion. I do it all day, every day. If you want to go back to work with a bang. If you want to get so much out of your job and give so much back that it makes dropping the kids off at Crèche every morning worth it, we need to talk. Email me at for a free consultation.