Alexandra Lowry of Digital Desk

Having been an accounts assistant for two years, Alexandra was made redundant at the beginning of January 2019. After being in and out of a few jobs which didn’t quite fit the bill, with much thought and deliberation, Digital Desk was formed in July 2019 - Alexandra has not looked back since! 
As a Virtual Assistant, Alexandra runs Digital Desk from Enniskillen and what is a Virtual Assistant we hear you ask?
Alexandra explains that “If you’re tired of having to maintain social media or even your website, well that’s what I’m here for- it’s what I love doing!” By being creative and showing clients what can be done, Alexandra helps other businesses reach their potential “it is what it’s all about for me.  Client satisfaction and knowing I have helped their business in some way leaves me with no better feeling!  As I always say- you can do anything, just not everything!”.

Why hire a virtual assistant? Hiring a virtual assistant helps you with your daily business grind, you only pay for the hours you want, you don’t pay for holidays, sick leave or Tax and National insurance. Alexandra works remotely, so you also do not have to provide any equipment and the best of it all is that you receive professional and reliable admin support when you need it!
When Alexandra is not at the desk, you’ll find her in the kitchen as she loves all things cooking and baking!  “It’s where I spend a lot of my free time, especially now when we couldn’t do much, it also helps after a long week spent at my desk”, explains Alexandra as once lockdown started, she decided to begin hosting virtual cooking classes every Tuesday for children to help keep them entertained; and learn not only a new skill but lifelong skills which will carry them through long into the future. “During our 13 weeks the children made a variety of sweet and savoury dishes…They all loved getting creative and have found a new love of their kitchens just like me which made it for me”, in addition Alexandra then created a cookery book for all the children as a little well done and thank you! All of which helped to successfully diversify and adapt her business in such strange times, well done Alexandra!
You can contact Alexandra at Digital Desk via Email and be sure to follow her on Instagram @digital.desk13 and Facebook @digitaldesk13