Becca Hume of TapSOS Ltd

Becca, like most of us, has enjoyed sitting with a coffee watching the world go by. This activity heightened as she studied a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design and began to observe more intensely how people interact with their surroundings, services and each other.

Becca has spent the last four years researching and developing specific safeguarding technology based on the needs and interactions of people during 999 emergency reporting.


Why 999?

It began when she was 16 and worked part-time in retail. It was here that Becca met a Deaf colleague and had her first experience of sign language and decided to study British Sign Language (BSL) at college in the evenings. Becca enjoyed learning BSL so much so that she continued for 8 years, completing BSL L6.

The friendship with her colleague led Becca to begin questioning, “how would someone who can’t telephone 999 contact emergency services?” Which has led to her journey of becoming CEO and Founder of TapSOS Ltd!


TapSOS Ltd was created in 2016, and is the only company in the UK to hold accreditation from DCMS, for integration with BT for all four services; Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and Coastguard. During 2020 TapSOS was tested within the Republic of Ireland with a view to launching with BT 112 this year.


Designed using icons, TapSOS allows the public to alert 999 non-verbally, meaning anyone who is unable to telephone due to physical, medical or situational barriers can do so safely.


In addition to general 999 reporting, TapSOS are developing other safeguarding technologies specifically for domestic abuse and high-risk work environments.


TapSOS successfully secured Innovate UK funding during October 2020 and will be raising investment during 2021. If you are interested in finding out more, you can email the team at