Belinda O’Neill, Bank Manager at Bank of Ireland and her 50,000 followers!

When Belinda O’Neill challenged herself to pen an inspirational quote every day for a year, she had no idea it would give comfort to tens of thousands of people dealing with life in a pandemic. 

Twelve months later, Belinda has amassed 53,000 followers through her Be Inspired To Be social media channels and among her followers are TV presenters Eamonn Holmes and Emma Forbes!


“I made a personal commitment on August 31 last year to write an original inspirational quote or poem every day for 365 days,” says the Bank Manager and mother-of-one. “It meant early morning starts because my daily writings were an additional commitment to work and home. But it is a huge source of pride and a project I’m thrilled to have seen through”. Belinda has seen an amazing growth of people going online to read her daily quotes that deal with coping in difficult times – “I had no idea my challenge would coincide with a global health crisis. I write with the aim of helping myself and others foster gratitude, love, healing and happiness – themes that resonate in a pandemic.”


Living in Banbridge, Co Down with Peter, her husband of 16 years and their son Leo, Belinda is indebted to her online followers when she founded Be Inspired To Be after experiencing illness in her family. “My writing became a form of self-therapy during a challenging time. I set up some social media pages and began sharing my original work with the aim of helping others who were also going through difficult times…I’ve been amazed at how much people appreciate ordinary writers like me spreading a little positivity from the heart”.


Belinda believes that our mental wellbeing has never been so important and is excited for the journey ahead! Have a read at one of Be Inspired To Be’s most popular posts, titled ‘Breathe’, a reminder to be gentle with ourselves: 


‘Breathe, you don’t need to conquer every ambition today, 

A little step forward is perfectly okay,

Go gentle on yourself, know that you are doing great, 

breathe, take it slow, great times await’.”



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