Britney Salas- Kaizen Brand Business Development Manager

Brittany Salas joins Kaizen Brand Evolution ready and raring to go, as our new Brand Business Development Manager. She joins us on the back of spending 5 years working for Merlin as part of their Marketing and Operations Team.


With this valuable experience working for a large organisation, Brittany is bringing her skills and expertise to Kaizen Brand Evolution helping us to acquire the clients that we want, while also helping to build strong relationships with them and maintain these.

Throughout her day to day, Brittany will be working with top end creative clients, finding out what exactly it is they want and what they need, before helping to get them from A to B.

Before taking on a project she will find out as much as she can about the client she is working with, making sure she knows exactly what she has to and understands their industry, so she can point them in exactly the right direction.

She will also be liaising closely with our Design Studio, helping to deliver clear and concise briefs to them so they know what they need to do when the client comes in for a meeting.

However, this isn’t where her job stops, as she will be in close contact throughout the project making sure that the clients needs and expectations are being met, before coming away happy with how the project has turned out.


We here at Kaizen Brand Evolution are incredibly excited to have someone of Brittany’s calibre joining the team. We know she will always try her hardest to make contact with the right clients and as such, we look forward to seeing who she brings in and where we can all go from there!


Everyone here at Kaizen Brand Evolution enjoys their downtime outside of the office and Brittany is certainly no different! Outside of work, Brittany is big into both cooking and baking, always trying to whip up something new! When she isn’t making A* star meals, however, she can often be found cheering on her beloved Arsenal!