Claire Feldman- Eatology

Following a long ten years in a HR Management role that I felt I wasn’t right for me, I made a commitment to myself to pursue a career than brought genuine satisfaction.
At the time I volunteered as a telephone counsellor and I knew this was something that not only made a difference in the world, but I was good at it.
Thanks to an incredibly supportive husband I was able to take a career break and complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
For the last seven years I’ve been working part-time within primary mental health care, helping clients overcome difficulties such as anxiety disorders and depression and I feel so privileged to do this role.
I’ve always had a passion for all things health and wellness related and so I jumped at the chance around four years ago to attend comprehensive training about the role food and our gut plays in our mood. 
This moment completely transformed my practice going forward and I was astounded by the improvements in client’s well-being with dietary and lifestyle changes.
I was hooked, and I needed to learn more, so I trained and qualified as a Nutrition and lifestyle Coach.
Eighteen months ago, I was feeling a little unsettled because I knew I had something special to offer others but wasn’t sure if I was ‘good enough’ to do it.  Thankfully I took a leap of faith and enrolled on the Power of 4 programme and haven’t looked back!
This programme helped me realise that I not only had a voice but an important message that needed to be shared.  My experience as a Therapist aligned with my knowledge in Nutrition and my new business Eatology was formed.
Eatology is a unique service that works with women, helping them to achieve their health and wellness goals from a non-diet approach.  I believe that all women deserve to feel good about the skin they are in and this doesn’t have to be exclusively dependent on weight loss.  Happiness is an inside job.
I don’t offer prescriptive meal plans, I despise calorie tracking apps and I won’t ban foods from client’s diets.
I educate and empower my clients to make their own choices around which way of eating is best for them but the most important thing I do is help them transform their relationship with food.
Many of my clients have a long history of chronic dieting and are often emotional, secret or binge eaters and as a result have a poor relationship with food and a lot of emotion attached to eating.  I help clients break through patterns of thinking and behaviours that have kept them stuck in a never-ending dieting cycle and enable them to have freedom from food.
I can honestly say I have created a role that is true to me, my values and give me complete job satisfaction. 
I truly hope that if there is anyone reading this that believes they are meat for more in this life, don’t let self-doubt hold you back... you are meant for more.
There are lots of exciting things planned for the future of Eatology.  If you’d like to be in the loop for future events, please follow on or Facebook page