Melissa Hunter-Business Development Manager, Benenden Health

I joined Benenden Health as the Business Development Manager for Northern Ireland in November 2018 after spending the last ten years of my career working in the internet, digital sales and marketing industries specialising in e-commerce, google ad-words and SEO.  This was a very fast paced, ever changing market that has allowed me to acquire a great understanding of all industries.
I have been a proud member of Benenden Health for 14 years and when the opportunity came up to work for the company I knew it was a role where I could make a real difference. 
Employee health and wellbeing is often at the bottom of the list for many employers in Northern Ireland and it needs to be a priority.  Employee wellbeing should be at the heart of how you approach your working environment, your staff benefits and the overall culture you create for the people who work for you.
Whether you want to attract great talent to your business or want to do more to care for employees, improve retention or decrease absenteeism, giving your staff access to private healthcare will not only do all the above, but it will also make for a happier, more productive and healthier workforce.
The great thing about Benenden Health is that we are a not-for-profit mutual society established in 1905. We support the great work of the NHS by being an alternative to costly private medical insurance offering affordable healthcare for everyone with no age restrictions and no exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions, and everyone pays the same at just £10.25 per month.
At a time when the NHS is under-resourced, over-stretched and is facing recruitment and retention problems, it is vital that the health and wellbeing of staff is prioritised as waiting lists struggle.
I am determined to help employers think outside the box in terms of employee health and wellbeing. I want to put Northern Ireland on the map as being thought leaders in this field to show that we are not behind the rest of the U.K and are proactively finding solutions.
Whether you are thinking of implementing healthcare, conducting health assessments or looking to give a little back to employees through a health cash plan then get in touch, nothing bad can come from having a conversation to see how I can support you.