Nicola McGuinness Coaching

With nearly 20 years of experience in economic development and working with SMEs, Nicola has found a new passion working with strong, energetic and inspirational females in her new business venture – Nicola McGuinness Coaching.

Having completed the ‘Grit and Grace’ course with WIB and the William J Clinton Leadership Institute a number of years ago, Nicola realised that no matter where you are in your career path, women are facing similar issues and feelings towards their jobs and life.  This inspired Nicola to start up the Lean In Newry circle.  Joined by just a few friends for the first meeting, within 2 and half years the circle has now grown to almost 350 female members – “the fast growth in membership exceeded any expectations I had, not only has it given me confidence in my own leadership skills, it proves that there was a real need for women to get together and share their collective experiences about their career journeys and to support each other to continue to follow their ambitions”, says Nicola.

Having had the opportunity to work with a coach and seeing the results coaching had on her own self-belief, self-confidence and ambition, Nicola knew that she too wanted to pass on that gift to other females.  Nicola believes “that everyone should have a coach, the whole process is so transformative. As females we have to deal with so much throughout our careers, such as imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, unconscious bias and caring responsibilities which have held us back from progressing”.

As a female career coach, Nicola often sees women who are stuck in their job, frustrated because they know they are capable of so much more, they have been boxed in and held back from progressing. “Often they’ve stayed too long in a career because they spent years qualifying for it, and they have settled, despondent about ever finding their passion and any real fulfilment from a job. This is where the low self-belief and low self-confidence keeps them static as fear takes hold.  My aim is to show women they have options, they can take action to regain their confidence, release their potential and reclaim their career dreams”.


Knowing that she wanted to change careers and actually carrying this out were two different things for Nicola, with Covid19 presenting as a real decisive moment for her.  It was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge - “I could retrain and reskill myself online with minimum risk of disruption to my day job and my family life.  Added to that, if I was going to coach women to be brave and make definitive decisions about their careers, then I had to walk the talk”. Which is exactly what Nicola has done and is now beyond grateful for the outpour of support that she has received for this new venture, “It has strengthened the belief that this is where I need to be right now.  So many people have said how much this role is a perfect fit for me”.

We couldn’t agree more, and wish Nicola continued success in her new role! Why don’t you keep up with Nicola along the way on her new business venture? Check out the Nicola McGuiness Coaching Facebook page or give Nicola a follow on Instagram and LinkedIn.