Nuala McMenamin- Founder of Adorn - Personal styling service for real women

Fashion tends to be youth centric and as we get older this can be a barrier to so many, in particular for women. We can feel less relevant in terms of fashion as we are so often marketed too by idealised images of youthful girls.
How can our confidence not be compromised as we clock up life’s experiences and our bodies begin to change? Often we can no longer relate to these young women featured in the clothes we are supposed to buy. Some brands are making progress on this front by including more diverse models but it’s not enough.
Through Adorn’s range of services, I empower women to feel confident about their wardrobe and make more effective outfit selections irregardless of their size, age or body shape so they stand taller, with more confidence and purpose; for some clients working with Adorn has literally been life changing, allowing them to fully embrace who they are.
The idea for Adorn came about through conversations I had with family and friends, on the issues they encounter when shopping, selecting outfits and being at a loss to know how to dress themselves. I’ve always had a strong sense of personal style and received a lot of compliments on my outfit and accessory selections, no matter my size:- I’ve been a yo yo dieter most of my adult life, so my own shape has fluctuated over the years, which I now see as an asset enabling me to style a full range of sizes and can fully empathise with clients.
I wondered if I could perhaps help my family and friends so I began styling them for various events like weddings, interviews and holidays to name a few, pulling together outfits from their existing wardrobe and advising on new purchases, providing them with a bespoke style from head to toe including advising on hair and makeup for a complete look. The feedback I received was hugely positive, with many of them saying ‘you should do this for a living’ adding that other friends wanted my help too.
With a background in Graphic Design and Marketing, I felt sure my very particular set of skills is applicable to personal styling. Aesthetics, branding, communication and context are the pillars my career has been based on, now, instead of using them to promote a product or service I use them to promote my clients as individuals. Identifying their personal aesthetic and brand, allowing their distinctive style to communicate who they are at a glance in any given context.
All of this combined, planted the seed in my head that there was a potential business in the service I was providing. I then completed the Go For It programme,  it was at that point I realised the business was viable, but I still had much to learn about running a start up. I joined the Explore It! Programme which has provided me with the skills to refine and progress my business, the group has been so supportive and encouraging and has only given me more faith that there is a necessity for Adorn’s services.
To find out more about Adorn and follow my journey as I establish my business follow my Facebook page: and for a free consultation to see how Adorn can enhance your bespoke style, contact: all bookings for Christmas party styling received by 22 November 2019 quoting ‘WIBAdorn’ will also receive 10% off.
I look forward to hearing from you!