Nutrition and Health Coach, Edel Owens

Edel Owens is an optimum energy coach for high performance business mums and corporate clients. After a successful career as a teacher, graduating with a Masters in Education, Edel decided to switch her focus to a long time passion for health & wellbeing.
This led to establishing her very own health coaching practise in 2020. “Having always had a profound interest in the healing power of food and the benefits of an active lifestyle, I transformed my own health by optimising my diet, tuning in to a healthier lifestyle and removing limiting beliefs from my mindset” says Edel, as she now uses this same transformative approach to help top performing professionals become the healthiest, most productive and happiest versions of themselves.
As a certified nutrition and health coach, Edel applies a highly customised blend of nutrition, lifestyle and mindset mentoring, Edel empowers her clients take back control of the work-life juggle, overcome procrastination and eat for energy and long term wellness. 
Edel also delivers nutrition and health talks to large corporates and groups in cutting edge workforces – to help optimise health, create automatic health habits and maintain a work life balance to live the life you really want to live.
With a new Facebook group for successful entrepreneurs who want to live the healthy, fulfilled life they deserve to live, Edel would be thrilled to have you join her community of energetic, ambitious and supportive business people who know the importance of scaling their health as much as their business!
You can join the group by clicking here.
Edel is rolling out Free Energy Training from Mon - Wed, 29 - 31st March, 7pm GMT.
In these trainings, you will learn 3 powerful ways to up level your energy so you can feel in control of your health and show up in business with confidence, positivity and drive.
The outline for the trainings is as follows:
1 - Wholefoods are the key to Consistent Peak Energy
2 - Tiny Changes lead to Energy Acceleration
3 - Push past Procrastination to Consistent Energy Wins
These powerful trainings will help bridge the knowing doing gap and take action so you can live the exuberant, healthy and happy life you really want to live.
Keep in touch with Edel via the details below!

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