PR Strategist - Andrea Kennedy

PR Strategist, Andrea Kennedy is passionate about helping businesses tell their stories to connect with others. With her 20-year career including work for news organisations such as the BBC and writing business, news and features for the Daily Press, Andrea has also held senior communications roles in agency and within the charity and education sectors.
“Over the past two decades I’ve seen the value that PR provides to big businesses. But few smaller businesses really take advantage of the opportunities available to raise their profiles through platforms like media interviews, opinion pieces, podcasts, guest blogs and collaborations”, says Andrea, as she believes that “Often it’s down to lack of knowledge about how to get started, but the businesses I work with soon realise it’s well worth the effort as you start to reach new audiences, building credibility and trust as well as awareness.”
With valuable insight and experience into how the communications industry really works, Andrea has recently launched an online group coaching programme, set to get started on 14th October. This programme will help small female-led businesses learn how to start generating great publicity for their businesses.
Andrea’s four-week course, Get Visible, includes practical online workshops for women, carefully taking participants through the steps that they need to take to tell their story, perfect their pitch, learn how to connect with key media/ influencers and how to maximise their PR efforts!
The course is also valuable training and support for marketers who work in or for small companies and want to learn more about PR and how it fits into overall their marketing strategy.

For more information on this great opportunity with your WIB fellow member, simply click here to visit Andrea’s website for full details! You can also join Andrea’s Pitching for Publicity for Female Business Leaders Facebook Group here