Rachel Brady of Health News NI

Rachel Brady is a Facilitator with Aware NI and holds a degree in Community Development. As a previous Aromatherapist & Reflexologist, Rachel is a community teacher, Breathwork and facilitator; carrying out roles as a workshop leader and inspirational speaker. With a diploma in Person-Centred counselling, Rachel also trained as a hypnotherapist, in Harley Street, London.


Rachel shares her journey on starting her new business and the hiccups along the way for Health News NI - a monthly digital health & wellbeing magazine.

“Like many entrepreneurs I jumped right in with both feet. I felt so excited & passionate about my magazine and health & wellbeing platform that I wanted to share it with everyone. So, I announced my launch date and…fell flat on my face”.


With the anticipation that the very first Health News NI Magazine would be released in June 2020, Rachel now believes that she was naive as to how long it takes to set up a working website! “When I first advertised Health News NI my website was not yet finished…In my head I was way ahead but in reality, I had a long way to go”.


This first issue then came out in July and it was so well received, as Rachel was overcome with emotion at the kind comments from people. “Readers were happy, and contributors were delighted with the efforts put into their features. The magazine content was great and had direct links to practitioners own social media with access to online classes”. Health News NI is a platform highlighting valuable skills of professional practitioners who are passionate in supporting health & well-being in the community. It is a One Stop Shop providing access to a choice of conventional, complementary & alternative health services delivering the personal touch.


After overcoming a few website issues, Rachel then tackled the big bad world of social media- “Social media was a pet hate but a necessity when offering an online digital magazine so I was delighted that posts hit 6000 in two days and 10,000 within the first week. I have still lots to learn though I am no longer resistant and get less frustrated with technology. In fact, this ‘half a centurion’ gets excited each time I learn new things.”


The 2nd issue of Health News NI is now out for August with a fully functional website here. “I am sure I will experience more ‘new business hiccups’ as I go along but I look forward to overcoming them – with a little help from my business friends”, say Rachel as she looks onwards and upward with her new business.


You can view the Health News NI Magazine here.

Health News NI are offering FREE advertising for Sept with every paid booking in October @ £25 which includes a full-page feature.



In addition to all of this Rachel also offers chakra dance & movement workshops, as well as meditation, mindfulness and personal development workshops.

“I realised the need for more availability and choice of health services due to the high wave of suicides in Northern Ireland. The current pandemic reinforces that necessity”, says Rachel. The ways in which we reach out for help are changing with less people attending GPS and more of us turning to social media for health care advice. A new wave of online support videos, therapies via zoom and appointments carried out by phone are now becoming the norm in maintaining positive mental health. Rachel adds that “In the past, modern and alternative health practices have remained mostly separate, but I believe they all have a place in society today and can work well together to benefit healing”.


Health News NI hopes to inspire employers of businesses, communities and the HSCNI to encourage more health and  wellbeing training and activities among their workers in order to promote positive mental, physical & social wellness.


Please feel free to contact Rachel below:


Email: rachel@healthnewsni.com

Facebook: @HealthNewsNI

Instagram: @rachel.healthnewsni