Sandra Quinn - Mid Ulster Relationship Manager for Outsource Solutions

Sandra Quinn is the Mid Ulster Relationship Manager for Outsource Solutions.  Outsource Solutions offers IT, Communications and Consultancy Services. The firm provides design, implementation, 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, maintenance and repair to its customers IT infrastructures.
As the only female on the Relationship Management team for Outsource my world can sometimes be a difficult one - men don’t always get the female rationale for doing things the way we do!!  But I believe I have got to my current position because of a lot of hard work and determination. I am extremely proud that I am now responsible for the growth and development of our business within the Mid Ulster Region.
My career journey began as a shop assistant in a local bakery in Southern Ireland, organising trays of bread and buns in a different and quirky way every day, but it felt like I was always trying to make a difference and mark my stamp. 
Roll on 15…ok maybe 25 years and I still thrive on making a difference within my work, except now it is about servers and back up plans, about staff and flexibility and all the other business buzzwords we all know, but ultimately my days are spent increasing revenue and productivity for the businesses that I engage with.
It’s about doing all that I can to support you and help you achieve “Better Business Through Better Technology”. I am passionate about what I do and endeavour to treat every client just as I would like to be treated.
I am originally from Co. Meath and being a southerner in a northern environment was difficult enough never mind trying to make it in a male dominated role but I firmly believe I am where I am today because of my passion, persistence and the constant challenge of others.
I would encourage any woman in any environment to keep going. To never give up on your personal belief that you can do more or that you can be more. As a mum who has raised four kids and navigated the male dominated world of IT, whilst working through normal everyday life challenges, hear me when I say if I can win, you can win also! You can do it, whatever your “IT” is.
Get yourself around like-minded people, listen when they challenge you, respond positively to criticism knowing its always got an element of truth and keep going. Passion pays off and this business world needs to hear from more vocal females.