Tové Kane- Kane Creative – The Art of Mindfulness

Sisters, Tové and Lisa Kane believe in the power of Mindfulness to create an enriching, happy, healthy life full of meaning and purpose. They work together from their studio at 43A Grays Hill, in Bangor: Kane Creative – the art of mindfulness.
They offer easy-access Mindfulness to boost confidence and proficiency for business communication and presentation skills. Clients in their workshops report a reduction in stress and anxiety by uncovering negative self-limiting beliefs.
Tové and Lisa have developed techniques for relaxation, meditation and visualisation that enhance creativity and self-confidence, contributing to resilience, innovation and leadership.
An award-winning broadcasting professional with a background in theatre, radio, television and training, Tové is the author of the forthcoming personal development book, “Mind Over Natter - How to stop the negative thoughts that say you’re not good enough, are too fat to find love and will never be happy”. Tové describes the book as, “Stories to help you transform negative thinking through Mindfulness to create a calm, happy, healthy more fun-filled life.” Tové is an acclaimed Voice Artist, MC and Keynote Speaker. Lisa is a dynamic artist who creates paintings and sketches that she says, “make your heart smile”. She is also producing the artwork for “Mind Over Natter”.
Tové and Lisa teach Mindfulness to individuals and groups. They expand the experience to wider audiences for corporate workshops and day retreats. Lisa says, “It’s a privilege for us to work with people, to help them increase their emotional stability, improve sleep, boost focus and memory, enhance creativity, lower stress levels and just feel better about themselves and the world”.
They have produced a guided meditation CD called “Be Alive in Your Life” and several of the tracks are available as Mindfulness videos on Youtube.
Kane Creative also shoot, edit, produce and direct video marketing for SME’s, often guiding clients, through Mindfulness, to present their own on-camera links.
The products/services on offer through Kane Creative – the art of Mindfulness include:
  • Mindfulness CD
  • Mindfulness sessions for individuals, groups
  • Mindfulness sessions at Corporates
  • Mindfulness Retreats ½ day and full day options
  • Video Marketing
  • Photography
  • Motivational Stationery
  • Original art