Bold Conversations

WIB together with Anne Dargan of Rapid Change Consultancy have developed a programme specifically for hardworking, positive and motivated professional women. This programme is for those who are determined to make a difference, are ready to take positive steps and have those inevitable bold conversations to get there.
Anne Dargan of Rapid Change Consultancy leads this 2 Day programme for ambitious, successful and hard working professional women.  Anne helps bold women leaders step into their own power and know the difference they want to make in the world, which inevitably means having those bold conversations. Building this core leadership muscle is crucial to getting good outcomes for you, your team and even your family and community. 
“Our careers, our companies, our relationships and our very lives succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time. The conversation is the relationship. The conversation yields the results. The most damaging conversations are the ones we are not having.” Susan Scott, Author of “Fierce Conversations”
Whether your primary focus is currently on sales negotiations, driving change, landing that promotion, negotiating that raise, influencing your boss, raising your employees game through performance discussions or simply discussing something important with someone who matters, the level of success you achieve will come down to the way you handle the conversation.
Anne Dargan is an internationally recognized, award winning executive coach and has been specializing in leadership development for women for the last 10 years, helping hundreds of women thrive in their work and their life! A self confessed “Superwoman” she spent many years balancing a demanding job as a business transformation leader in BT, a global telecommunications organisation (120,000 employees), along with being a mother of three. 
Nearing burn out and experiencing toxic behaviours, she left the corporate world and figured there had to be a better way. Bold Conversations has evolved over time, starting back in 2006 when Anne delivered performance conversations training across the IT directorate in BT (7000 people) and has since gone on to deliver bespoke interventions for companies in the private and not for profit sectors e.g. Tyco, Liberty IT, Housing Rights as well as open enrollment course for QUB, with attendees across all sectors.  
Identified as one of the biggest challenges facing women in leadership this workshop is for you if you:
  • Are worried or anxious about that conversation you’ve been avoiding but know you must have?
  • Know you have to tell a hard truth, which you suspect will not be well received, cause untold disruption or hurt someone’s feelings?
  • Afraid of saying the wrong thing, losing your head or damaging a relationship?
  • Have a problem dealing with conflict and panic and get tongue-tied?
  • Like to please people and don’t like to say no?
  • Count yourself a straight talker and have no problem facing up to and having those difficult conversations but find they are futile and don’t have the impact you hoped for?
Outcomes you can expect from this workshop:
  • Know how to prepare for a bold conversation and gain clarity, peace of mind and motivation to carry it through
  • Learn a proven and effective structure for having a bold conversation
  • Recognise and overcome the barriers to having the conversation you’ve been putting off
  • Feel more confident to say what needs to be said
  • Develop skills to counter resistance, manage conflict and stay calm
  • Work through your situation and gain insight and feedback from your peers
What are other people saying who have completed Bold Conversations?
 “A thorough programme addressing mindset and energies. Essential development for women in work and in their relationships. Supported self assessment made this a highly tailored development programme. Perfect for me. I have increased confidence around approaching and holding bold conversations. Also greater self awareness around my mindset and more importantly the impact. Rich in learning where you least expect it.  I loved the model. So complete, holistic and easy to see where the gaps are for me.  Since the course I have confidently addressed my issue. Couldn’t be happier so thank you for the course. It has made a difference.” 
Stephanie Howie, Self Employed
“I have identified mindsets that need to change. I have gained confidence in voicing my own opinions.  It was a great opportunity to learn from a skilled communicator and a wonderful trainer and coach”  
Naomi Gaston, Solicitor
 “This programme was refreshingly different to any other training I have done. I now have insight into how I can have more effective conversations and that having a bold conversation is a skill that can be learned. Attending this workshop is something anyone in a leading position should consider - important for women of all ages. Go for it – ‘Be Bold’”,
Margaret Craig, Public Sector
Women in Business Members: £550 + VAT
Women in Business Non-Members: £650 + VAT
4th & 5th June
Pinsent Masons

For more information please email or call 0845 607 6041