Bold Women Leaders

WIB together with Anne Dargan of Rapid Change Consultancy have developed a programme specifically for hardworking, positive and motivated professional women. This programme is for those who are determined to make a difference, are ready to take positive steps and have those inevitable bold conversations to get there. The purpose is to build the core leadership skills necessary to improve relationships, gain positive outcomes and say what has to be said and is ideal for experienced or aspiring leaders as well as business owners.
Anne Dargan is an award winning specialist in leadership development for women and has over 10 years’ experience in helping females thrive in their work and lives. Anne is dedicated to working with ambitious, successful professional and executive women.
Bold Women will help participants understand how to confidently deliver their messages, achieve their best outcomes and manage and maintain effective relationships. The programme will give practise in real life situations and leave feeling more confident in saying what needs to be said.