Imagine It

An online bootcamp for women at the pre-start stage who have an idea, see an opportunity or early stage trading. Imagine It aims to motivate and support participants to take the next steps. Imagine It will be delivered throughout Northern Ireland.

**Our last event of 2020 will be on 24th November from 10am-1.30pm and will feature local celebrity chef Paula McIntyre, Johann Muldoon MBE and Fiona Bradley of Fiona Bradley Training and Consulting- BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE, otherwise for more information click here! NB- this event is open for EVERYONE!** 


  • Pre Start
  • Idea Stage
  • Early Stage Start Up
  • Trading for less than 2 Years (full time)
  • Trading over 2 years (part time)

The bootcamp events are open to all pre-start and early stage female entrepreneurs across Northern Ireland including those who haven’t started trading yet, have an idea or just want to explore business.

What can you expect?

  • These events are deigned to inspire and motivate female entrepreneurs at the very early stage
  • During the morning you will have the opportunity to hear from an established female entrepreneur about her journey, including her key challenges and learnings.
  • The key speaker will be joined by a panel of local female entrepreneurs from different industries and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions about the challenges they have faced and their successes!
  • There will also be signposting on local support available and facilitated group discussions with likeminded women in your local area
  • The afternoon session 'Developing the Entrepreneur for Business', will consist of short motivational/development workshops on confidence, challenges, resilience and creative thinking to support you at the beginning of your journey.
  • All events will be delivered online and are focused toward that specific council area. 

*** Please note once dates are announced for each area early booking is advised to secure your place ***