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Being assertive is more than a communication style; it’s a behavior and a way of thinking.

Learning how to be assertive enables us to have an honest conversation with others while also preventing adverse effects on our relationships. It removes the fear and concerns over how we might say something. It’s a way of thinking that allows us to be confident in how we speak and how we make decisions.

Join us for the Assertiveness in Action programme and be equipped with practical tools to confidently express yourself, set boundaries, tackle challenges, recover from setbacks and build a healthier mindset. 

During this 1-day in person training with Andrew Toogood of Proclaim Consulting, you will understand the core principles of assertiveness, build your skills and assess your current mindset, learn how to say 'no' with confidence, deliver constructive feedback and create win-win solutions through conflict resolution. 

Increase life satisfaction, improve team performance, create better outcomes and become more a more confident communicator both at home and work. 
Module 1: Understanding Assertiveness
A. Defining assertiveness and its role in effective communication
B. Differentiating between passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior
C. Benefits of assertiveness in various aspects of life
Module 2: Core Principles of Assertiveness
A. Clear expression of thoughts, feelings, and needs
B. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
C. Balancing the rights and responsibilities in communication
Module 3: Building on your Skills - Assessing Your Mindset
A.Self-reflection exercises
B. Identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement
C. Setting individual goals for developing an assertive mindset
Module 4: Saying "No" with Confidence
A. Articulating boundaries assertively
B. Communicating refusal without guilt
C. Handling resistance and managing pushback
Module 5: Delivering Feedback and Managing Conversations
A. Delivering feedback assertively and constructively
B. Receiving feedback with an assertive mindset
C. Navigating difficult conversations with confidence
Module 6: Navigating Conflict Resolution
A. Navigating conflicts assertively
B. Techniques for expressing disagreement diplomatically
C. Seeking win-win solutions through assertive communication


Andrew Toogood - Proclaim Consulting

Andrew Toogood - Proclaim Consulting

Managing Director

Andrew facilitates both our Assertiveness in action and Impactful Communication across all channels Programmes. An in demand communicator & leader with over 20 years experience working with a wide range of organisations and brands, Andrew specialises in creating high performance culture by developing emotionally intelligent leaders and teams. A certified Herrmann® practitioner, his areas of particular interest include assertiveness, communication, influence & persuasion, resilience, emotional intelligence and high performance dynamics.


Member price £250.00 (plus VAT)
Non-member price £350.00 (plus VAT)

Location: Allstate 10 Mays Meadow, Belfast BT1 3PH
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Starting Wednesday 12 June 2024

Location: BT, Riverside Tower, 5 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3BT

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