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Develop your skills as an inclusive leader and change the narrative so every individual within your organisation not only has a seat at the boardroom table, but that every voice is heard and listened to. 

Our work environment is continuously changing, therefore the ability to adapt is the single most important skill.  This starts with people. Successful transformation depends crucially on whether leaders have the right mindset and skills. The more diverse the workforce, the greater the need to be able to lead inclusively. 

Research suggests that increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more innovation and improved business results and performance. For many, the toughest leadership and client-delivery test is now looming: how to maintain a culture of collaboration, innovation and teamwork in an environment where economies are still reeling and work practices are being reshaped. In these uncertain times, where individuals and businesses are being challenged to adapt to current conditions, leading and guiding others inclusively is more important than ever. 

Research has found that increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more innovation and improved business performance. We all need to maintain a culture of collaboration, innovation and teamwork as the working world is being reshaped. We need a new approach, and it has to start with you. 
The aim of this programme is to enable you to build a diverse & inclusive culture in an increasingly globalised workplace as an inclusive leader. - The more diverse the workforce, the greater the need to be able to lead inclusively. We encourage all male and female leaders to take part in this programme - all voices need to be heard at the table when it comes to diversity. 

Module 1 – Changing the narrative around Diversity & Inclusion
Organisations and leaders need to change how they think about Diversity. In this module we’ll acknowledge the business case for Diversity & Inclusion by exploring the Why, the What and showing you the How.
  • Understand the concept of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Explore the drivers for change that necessitate a more diverse & inclusive culture
  • Recognise the powerful business case for diversity
  • Explore the mindset & future-oriented skill set required to lead inclusively
Module 2 – Being the Change
In this module we will ‘be the change’ by empowering ourselves through branding and exposure, build our reputation and make an impact by creating a more inclusive and inspiring future for all. We will do so by uncovering the micro behaviours & micro inequities that can ruin our reputation and that of our businesses.
  • Learn how to leverage the PIE model to build your personal brand; Performance, Image & Exposure
  • Defining micro-behaviours and micro-inequities and their workplace impact
  • Lean into confronting these behaviours with awareness and reflection
  • Avoid behaviours that make others feel excluded
Module 3 – Revealing Unconscious Bias
In this module we will provide a safe and empowering forum for delegates to connect through storytelling, shared personal stories, experiences and real world examples.
  • Recognise the different types of bias that show up in the workplace
  • Acknowledge our own unconscious bias and how to manage it
  • Facilitate honest conversations & dialogue around personal experiences & appreciate different perspectives
  • Take accountability, ownership & action.
Module 4 – Creating a Culture of Trust through Psychological Safety
In this module we will recognise that Psychological Safety is an enabler for team performance, innovation, learning & personal success. We will discuss workplace case scenarios and explore the impact that silence and playing it safe, has on business results.
  • What is Psychological Safety & its impact on high performing teams?
  • Talent alone is not enough; Psychological Safety is the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Acknowledge the leadership behaviours that foster trust and build a more inclusive culture
  • Advocate for a safer work environment free of fear

Sandra Lee- Training and Learning Solutions

Sandra Lee- Training and Learning Solutions

Managing Director

Sandra facilitates The Power of Diversity programme. Having been actively engaged in the field of learning and development for over 20 years, Sandra is a highly professional and experienced Learning & Development Consultant who co-ordinates and project manages learning solutions to support the wider business strategy of her clients. She works across sectors and industries both locally in Northern Ireland and globally including global delivery of female development programmes.


Member price £250.00 (plus VAT)
Non-member price £350.00 (plus VAT)

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We invite both male and female leaders to take part in this programme. For more information about the content which will be covered during each half day module click here. Alternatively please email

**NB it is recommended to attend the whole programme however indivdiual modules may be booked by WIB members for £80 + VAT per module**

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“I completed my final module of the WIB Inclusive Leadership, Power of Diversity course, excellently designed and delivered. A worthwhile course discussing topics and activities on changing the narrative around diversity and inclusion, being the change, revealing the unconscious bias and creating a positive culture of trust through Psychological Safety. A safe, open, trustworthy environment to share and understand the topic and tools to help, whilst making new connections.”

Suzie Craig

Agnew Group

“If you want to broaden your horizons, then this is the course for you. Diversity is such a large spectrum, and this programme certainly helped you understand it much better. All employees in any organisation should complete this course as it could only benefit not just you as an individual but the organisation! ”

Nicola Cassidy


“WIB, what they represent as an organisation and how they constructively add to the positive conversations and narrative around the role and benefits of women in business, is both refreshing and truly remarkable.”


Radius Housing

“A fantastic course to really challenge your thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion - highly recommend!”

Lynne Savage-Watson

Belfast Harbour


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