The Mentoring Programme

This programme is delivered by Women in Business, sponsored by Advance Coaching, and is ​available exclusively to our network members. 
Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which the Mentor shares knowledge, skills, information, perspective and networks to support the Mentee in personal, professional and/or business development. It is a professional relationship based upon trust and respect.
One of Women in Business most successful programmes, it has grown from strength to strength, with over 150 successful and inspirational business women now gifting their time and expertise to support and guide many women in business members. At its heart this programme promotes a core aim of the network to support women at all stages of their career and business development.
Women in Business offers places on the programme three times per annum, matching 30 Mentors with 30 Mentees for a 12-month programme of mentoring support. As a result, we are continually recruiting experienced and accomplished women, who are willing to gift their knowledge and expertise to other women at an earlier stage in their careers.
Advance Coaching delivers an onboarding session to both Mentees and Mentors:
Virtual Mentee Onboarding – Needs to be completed prior to matching
  • An introduction to the Mentoring Programme with WIB
  • Exploring the values, strengths and goals you are bringing to your mentoring relationship
  • Discovering how to get great outcomes from your 12-month mentoring programme
  • Opportunity to network with other Mentees on the programme
  • Q & A session with WIB and Advance Coaching
Virtual Mentor Onboarding – We recommend attendance 
  • An introduction to the Mentoring Programme with WIB
  • Overview of core skills, mindset and toolkit you might use as a Mentor
  • Exploring how you might develop and benefit from being a Mentor
  • Opportunity to network with other Mentors on the programme
  • Q & A session with WIB and Advance Coaching
Interested in becoming a mentee?
Mentee Fee: £50 + VAT 
There is a small admin fee for Mentees joining this programme of £50 + VAT per cohort and you do need to be a member of WIB to access the programme.
If you'd like to join this programme please download the Mentee bio, proceed to 'book now' and return to maria@womeninbusinessni.comPlease note, places book very fast, therefore places can only be secured once payment has been received. 
Download Mentee Bio HERE
October 2022:
13th October 2022 - Mentee Onboarding 9.30 - 11.30am
                                  Mentor Onboarding  12.30 - 2.30pm
January 2023:
19th January  2023 - Mentee Onboarding 9.30-11.30am
                                 Mentor Onboarding  12.30 - 2.30pm
May 2023:
18th May 2023 - Mentee Onboarding 9.30-11.30am
                           Mentor Onboarding  12.30 - 2.30pm
*NB: The induction for both mentees and mentors will take place via Zoom*
Interested in becoming a mentor?
Prospective Mentors if you'd like to express an interest in joining the WIB Mentoring Team please download the Mentor bio and return to and confirm your intention to attend one of the below onboarding sessions for Mentors (Mentors do not need to book their place on the programme online however inductions take place 12.30pm-2.30pm for mentors).
Download Mentor Bio HERE


‘My great mentor, has taught me to scale back my business ideas into a simpler and clearer form so as to focus on my target audience. Additionally, I was able to research the market effectively to enable me to create bespoke programme. Also with her help, it is not as overwhelming when it comes to creating the vision/mission of my business and determining my unique selling point.  
We will be working on my communication skill and understanding my favoured representational systems in our next meet-up. I am looking forward to tell you more about my progress after our few meetings.’ WIB Mentee
'At every meeting, I learned as much if not more than the Mentee and I learned the importance of stretching professionally.' WIB Mentor
If I was to sum up my experience with Women in Business Mentor Scheme in a few words it would be 'exceeded all expectation'. While I knew what my initial goal was when I joined, I could not have anticipated what a positive experience it would be. The process has taught me that a goal without measures is definitely just a dream. You have to actively make things happen, not sit back and hope for the best. If you are thinking of joining this scheme, do it! Women giving up their time to help other women, amazing. WIB Mentee 
'I thoroughly enjoy and value the opportunity of mentoring through Women in Business. Women supporting women, I feel fortunate to be involved. Whether you are thinking of becoming a mentor or seeking a mentor through Women in Business, I would encourage you to do so. WIB Mentor


Mentors are drawn from a wide range of business and professional backgrounds, assisting their Mentee in career or business development through information & skills transfer, confidence building and sharing of networks. The Mentor will be able to offer valuable knowledge, empathy and insight due to their own many years of experience. Mentors will be supported, through training and have the option to complete an ILM Certification – Introduction to Mentoring. As a Mentor you will also be given the opportunity to connect with other Mentors at dedicated CPD and networking events.
Mentoring is most effective when it is driven by the Mentee. Therefore, Mentees will take ownership, through a Mentoring Agreement, to be active, fully engaged, curious, open to challenge and willing to stretch their development and learning. Training will be provided for Mentees to ensure they are fully prepared to harvest all the opportunities of the time spent with their Mentor.

Programme Terms and Conditions

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