Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has arrived in Northern Ireland

I’m Judith Ward, A solution focused Hypnotherapist based in Bangor. I’ve recently relocated from London back to NI where I grew up, having lived away almost all of my adult life. 

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and why is it so good?

Solution Focused hypnotherapy has been around for over 30 years and is proven to be very effective as it focuses on solutions and not problems backed up by the latest scientific research. It is different from counselling as people don’t have to open up and talk about difficult situations that may make them uncomfortable.  

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is a model of excellence that uses interventions that are effective. It will use the very best procedures that science and research prescribe”. David Newton, founder of the Clifton Practice. Jan 2015.

What is unique about this?

I’m offering something unique to local residents as I’m using the latest brain based scientific research and the best techniques from other therapies. I’ve also found that there are mainly men offering hypnotherapy in Northern Ireland so I’m attracting a lot of female clients. I can relate to them being a mum myself and can help with lots of issues such as social anxiety, depression, sexual difficulties, low self-esteem and weight-loss. 

I’m really enjoying working with local clients and the feedback has been really positive. I also use skype and have clients in London, the North of England, Austria and New Zealand.  Skype is a really effective way of reaching people who live anywhere and it’s just as powerful. “Thank you Judith. After two sessions she has worked some positive magic. All by skype. Thank you”. “Keep up the great work you are changing the world person by person! Please use Judith to change your life”. SL. 

What can it be used for? 

Anger, anxiety, depression, exam nerves, weight loss, addiction/smoking, nail biting, blushing, sexual difficulties, insomnia, IBS, grief and loss, fears and phobias, confidence, OCD, motivation/sports performance, presentation nerves, job interviews and many more.

We even are able to help people improve their sports performance. Glen Catley a previous world champion boxer used hypnotherapy to help him improve his performance and focus his mind. It is really amazing to hear his journey and how powerful solution focused hypnotherapy can be. He now works as a hypnotherapist. 

Where have I trained? 

The prestigious Clifton Practice in London which is the gold standard in hypnotherapy. 330 hours of case studies and portfolios supervised by the internationally renowned hynotherapist Matthew Cahill. 

What happens when you come to see me?

I offer a free 1hr consultation with clients where I explain how the brain works and how hypnotherapy can help them .  “You really see the penny drop when people understand how their brain is working and making them feel the way they do”. 

Who am I?

Previously I had worked at the BBC in London supporting high profile television programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing. I always knew I enjoyed working with people. During my time there I became really interested in mental health and became the trauma lead for the BBC across the UK and supported productions and presenters working on difficult story lines by doing presentations before they did filming. I also provided support whilst they were filming on a one to one basis and after they had finished filming. I was trained to carry out TRiM risk assessments if there was a big disaster and to support the people involved. 

I took time out to look after my daughter when she was born and decided to retrain in a fulfilling and rewarding new career. I really wanted to work for myself and be able to work flexibly around my daughter whilst helping other people improve their lives. I’m passionate about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as I have seen the changes it can make to people’s lives in a short space of time. 

For further information please contact me:

Twitter: @JudithWardHypno,  Email:,  Tel: 07855528423

Facebook page:

I am a member of the NCH and AFSH – The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. I am currently the only member in Northern Ireland.