Are you availing of all the benefits of being a member of Women in Business?

So you signed up to become a member of Women in Business… Did your journey stop there? Obviously not or you wouldn’t be reading this ezine.  Did you know that as a member it is free for you to share your news on the ezine and on our website? 

We have lots of opportunities for you to share your news and views.  We have a Member’s Monday on Facebook & Twitter, where you can showcase your profile.  Just 250 words and a photo and one Monday, that slot will be yours! On Tuesdays we have a guest blogging spot, if you would like to contribute to this, get in touch and share with the membership your knowledge to help others on their journey.

Have you updated your member’s profile? Our member’s directory can be sorted by name or sector.  It provides you with the opportunity to put a profile description up; add your photo or company logo, add any social media links/website etc. A great opportunity for members to search within in the network.

Do you know that as a member you can sign up for a year’s mentoring absolutely free? The next round of our mentoring programme starts at the end of September.  You apply on the basis of what needs you require and we will match you with a mentor that fits your needs. If you’d like to sign up, just go online to 

Did you know we also run

  • Grit & Grace: A fabulous leadership programme developed and run in partnership with the William J Clinton Institute at QUB; 
  • Your Voice: A presentation and communication skills programme for managers.
  • Back to Business: a programme to support woman on maternity leave returning to work.
  • Power of 4: A powerful start-up programme for women by women.
  • The Connect Programme: Which inspires, supports and motivates women into employment and self-employment.

We have ongoing networking events and in the autumn are increasing the number of regional networking events. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to take part or would be keen to help facilitate this. 

We also have some fantastic opportunities to promote your business by sponsoring a Category in our Annual Awards Dinner; by taking an editorial/advertorial in our bi-annual magazine.

Our magazine will be out in the first week of July so enjoy and if you’d like to be featured or advertise your business please contact  The next edition will be published in January 2018.  (Deadline for articles 30th November).