WIB Choir

Singing has so many health benefits, being an aerobic activity, it has been known to improve circulation, enhance the immune system and boost m ental health! Not to mention a great way to meet new people and network

The WIB Choir currently meets every Tuesday 6- 7.30pm, at the offices of Carson McDowell, Murray House, Murray Street, Belfast BT1 6DN

We already have over 40 ladies registered so why not come along and join the WIB Choir, release your happy hormones, sing and have fun!

The WIB choir is led by choirmaster Katie Richardson. She is a musician, composer, musical director and facilitator. In 2012 she was featured as one of the Irish Times 'Northern Lights' which profiled people changing the face of NI in their particular fields.


Katie makes music under the name Goldie Fawn (previously Katie and the Carnival) and has worked with many artists such as Duke Special, Van Morrison and Foy Vance. She also works as a composer for many theatre companies and organisations in NI.

For further information please contact programmes@womeninbusinessni.com