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Are you an experienced trainer or industry leading expert with an interest in sharing your knowledge and supporting professionals across all sectors?

Collaborate with the Centre of Learning and explore opportunities within our organisation, where knowledge meets the spotlight. 

We welcome dynamic individuals and industry experts to share insights, creativity, and expertise with our diverse audience. Whether you're an industry expert, thought leader, or a rising star, we provide a platform for individuals to share their insights, experiences, and learning. 

Our speaking opportunities range from conferences to in-house events, creating a vibrant space for diverse voices and perspectives. Elevate your profile, contribute to the collective wisdom, and join us in shaping meaningful conversations that inspire and empower. 

Join us in fostering a culture of learning and collaboration as you showcase your experience and leadership within our vibrant community. Seize the chance to make an impact, amplify your voice, and contribute to the collective growth of knowledge and ideas within our organisation.

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