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At the Centre of Learning we develop practical, bespoke and tailored training for professionals.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for change and the Centre of Learning caters for impactful, personal and professional development for all women and allies at all stages of their careers.

About Centre of Learning

At the Centre of Learning, we recognise and are frequently told by women on our programmes, that they face unique challenges and barriers in the workplace. 

We are dedicated to providing the support and development opportunities needed to address challenges head-on. By equipping women with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence, we aim to empower them to break through obstacles and reach their full potential.

Start to grow and develop today!
Start to grow and develop today!
Start to grow and develop today!

Denise, Nicky and Maria are always on hand to support you at all stages of your career through the Centre of Learning.

To date, we have supported over 4,000 professionals on their personal and professional journeys, from returning to work after time away due to caring responsibilities, to those seeking to enhance their digital and human skills, those working towards promotion and progression to senior decision makers and leaders.

The WiB Group

The Centre of Learning is an integral part of The WiB Group. The WiB Group is an umbrella group of social enterprises that are dedicated in the mission to help create a prosperous, inclusive economy for Northern Ireland.

Through Women in Business, Diversity Mark, Timely Careers and Centre of Learning, The WiB Group is committed to driving positive change through connections, accreditations, employment opportunities and skills development. Join us in our mission, where the collective power of everyone’s contributions propels us towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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Centre of Learning would like to thank our partners for their continued support.

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